Jan 6 committee hearings latest: House panel plans prime time session next week as Trump defends ‘perfect’ Georgia calls

Biden jokes ‘unfortunately that’s probably Trump calling me’ as phone goes off during speec

Donald Trump has taken to Truth Social to defend his campaign to pressure Georgia state officials into overturning the 2020 election, insisting that his phonecalls to them were “perfect” – this as he faces a grand jury investigation into his actions by the district attorney in Fulton County.

Mr Trump has also expressed worries that the Jan 6 select committee may be gaining access to “inner secrets” of the government, and referred to his former White House counsel Pat Cipollone – who will be testifying privately tomorrow – as a “lawyer acting for the Country” that “may some day be brought before a partisan and openly hostile Committee in Congress, or even a fair and reasonable Committee, to reveal the inner secrets of foreign policy or other important matters. So bad for the USA!”

Mr Cipollone, who has emerged as a key witness into the activities of Mr Trump and his allies, has been under pressure to speak to the panel for some time. and his recollections of him are expected to provide crucial insight into the former president’s attempts to overturn the 2020 election.


Secret Service director James Murray heading to Snapchat

United States Secret Service Director James Murray will stand down from government service at the end of the month, the agency said in a press release on Thursday.

Mr Murray, a 27-year Secret Service veteran, is the 26th person to serve in the director’s role, and has done so since May 2019. According to multiple reports, he is set to assume a role in corporate security with Snap, inc.

Andrew Feinberg reports from Washington, DC.


Kellyanne Conway says Kushner trying to ‘wash his hands’ of 2020 election defeat

Former president Donald Trump’s senior counselor Kellyanne Conway has blasted his son-in-law Jared Kushner, accusing him of trying to absolve himself of any responsibility for Mr Trump’s 2020 election loss.

Ms Conway made the remarks to Washington Times as the woman who managed Mr Trump’s 2016 campaign promotes her new memoir Here’s the Deal.


Opinion: Boris Johnson’s departure proves it… Biden has to go

Skyler Baker-Jordan writes:

How lucky our British cousins ​​are. Being able to dispatch a disgraced, degenerate, or even just a doddering head of government must be nice. We here in America wouldn’t know, but I wish we did. Looking at what’s happening in Westminster has me wishing something similar could happen in Washington, and that Joe Biden would meet a similar — if kinder — fate.


Mass shootings ‘designed’ to make GOP support gun control claims Marjorie Taylor Greene

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene speculated that shootings in Philadelphia and Highland Park, Illinois were meant to increase Republican support for gun control legislation.

Ms Greene, who has often peddled conspiracy theories since before she was elected to Congress, made the remarks on her podcast on Wednesday after the shootings.

Eric Garcia reports on the lawmaker’s latest bizarre statement.


Video shows Rudy Giuliani being brutally heckled

Rudy Giuliani was brutally heckled by critics in Binghampton, New York, a video posted on social media shows.

The former New York Mayor appeared to be campaigning for his son Andrew Giuliani, whose bid for the Republican nomination for governor ended last week in a primary loss to GOP Congressman Lee Zeldin.

“I’m glad that you can have good days regardless of how you’re destroying this country,” one protester yelled at Mr Giuliani.


What insiders say about Ron DeSantis standing for president in 2024

Every few weeks or so, The Independent‘s Inside Washington newsletter (subscribe here) will highlight some potential 2024 candidates, should Joe Biden and Donald Trump not run. Consider this your Scouting Report.

Late last week before the holiday, Eric Garcia spoke with some GOP funders and insiders about who they see as a potential alternative to another Trump term. And it’s fairly clear that many in the donor class have their eyes on one man: Ron DeSantis.


Would Tucker Carlson ever run for president?

Cable news firebrand Tucker Carlson won’t run for president in 2024 or likely ever, he declared on Thursday.

Carlson spoke with Semafor co-founder Ben Smith in a virtual interview for the startup’s launch event and denied that he had presidential ambitions ⁠— or ambitions of any kind.

His insistence came after Mr Smith snidely remarked that “your friends, to the extent that you’ve still got them in Washington” were speaking about the possibility of him running for the Republican nomination for president in the next cycle. The remark resulted in a chuckle from Carlson.

John Bowden reports on Carlson’s full answer.


Reports: Two Jan 6 committee hearings planned next week

According to reports circulating on Capitol Hill, though not officially confirmed by the committee itself, there will be two January 6 select committee public hearings next week.

First up, on Tuesday at 10am, Reps Jamie Raskin and Stephanie Murphy will lead the hearing covering how former President Donald Trump urged extremist groups to gather in Washington, DC on 6 January 2021.

Then on Thursday, according to reports back in primetime at 8pm, Reps Elaine Luria and Adam Kinzinger will lead a hearing on what was going on inside the White House during the Capitol riot.

Jake Sherman of PunchbowlNews notes that the timings of the hearings are not certain until they are officially announced.

Guardian‘s Hugo Lowell reports that the Thursday session is expected to be the final hearing “for now”.


Opinion: After two Trump impeachments, amazement in DC at Boris Johnson’s swift downfall

So on this side of the pond, you might forgive us Americans for believing that a brash, wildly coiffed, tow-headed populist conservative leader with a history of lying getting forced out of office by members of his own party would be the stuff of pure fiction. But apparently, that’s not the case.


Tucker Carlson admits he hates white liberal women more than anything

A contentious interview between Semafor’s Ben Smith and Fox News host Tucker Carlson elicited an exchange in which the primetime cable host admitted that he hates liberal white women.

The conversation took place between Mr Smith and the Fox host on Thursday; Mr Carlson, appearing virtually, was said by other journalists like Jeff Jarvis to have “steamrolled” the Semafor co-founder during the interview.

John Bowden reports on what was said.


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