James Argent shares jaw-dropping before and after weight loss photos 1 year after surgery


The Essex-based reality star managed to lose 14 stone after having gastric sleeve surgery, and has said that the operation was the best decision he has ever made

James Argent has celebrated one year surgery anniversary with jaw dropping before and after pics
James Argent has celebrated one year surgery anniversary with jaw dropping before and after pics

James Argent has revealed his astounding 14 stone weight loss after he underwent gastric sleeve surgery.

The reality star has said that the surgery was the ” Best decision I ever made” one year after the op saw him have dramatic weight loss over the course of the year.

James, 34, shared pictures from before and after he went in for the surgery on Instagram which demonstrated the dramatic change in his appearance.

In the first, he is lying on a hospital bed before having the surgery, and the second a dramatically more slender James enjoying the sunshine a year on.

Medical staff had warned James that he would need to lose ten stone in order to maintain his health, but the reality star has gone above and beyond, losing 14.

He had previously tipped the scales at 27 stone, but one year on had more than halved his weight.

In a post to Instagram celebrating the transformation, he wrote: “Celebrating one year surgery anniversary, thanks to @wearetransfrom for the support. Best decision I ever made.”

The gastric sleeve operation saw James’ stomach reduced to just 20 per cent of its original size.

Forced the star to eat smaller portions of food, which in combination with a change in diet helped him with the weight loss.

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James Argent shows off very slim frame while partying with Tyson Fury



James struggled with his weight before his surgery



James was shocked to learn that he was also suffering with an eating disorder after he was admitted to rehab over his struggled with substance abuse.

He explained to the Mail: “When I actually went to rehab for the first time, I went there initially for my problems with drink and drugs or whatever, and after a few days I got put in the eating disorder unit.”

“They tried to teach me to do mindful eating instead of shoving it down, put your phone away, relax, chew your food plenty of times, let the meal last 20 minutes, don’t rush your food so that’s what I’m trying to do now.”

He explained that as an addict, if he beats one addiction it might be replaced with a different one instead.

James has opened up about his struggles with food and substance abuse



He said: “With a lot of addicts, you’re not specifically addicted, like for example for alcoholics if alcohol is taken away, they can get addicted to something else whether it be food, love, gambling, so it’s not necessarily the specific drug or alcohol, sex or gambling, it can be addiction as a whole.”

The star added that he felt that it may have been the case for him that his other addictions had perhaps led him into his unhealthy relationship with food.

Despite the gastric sleeve, he still has to keep an eye on his eating habits, but the operation has proved a success to help him get down to a weight he is happy with.

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