Iván Redondo believes that there may be early elections and that Yolanda Díaz has options to be president




The one who was Pedro Sánchez’s political advisor for four years considers that the PNV is the “preferred partner” of the coalition government and that EH Bildu is a “rejuvenated force that is gaining weight in Basque society.”

The former director of the Cabinet of the Presidency of the Government of Pedro Sánchez (2018-2021), Ivan Redondo, believes that there may be early general elections and considers that the Minister of United We Can, Yolanda Diaz, she has a real chance of becoming the first female president of the Spanish government.

In an interview at the ETB2 program ’12 minutes’, Redondo has stated that “It is not possible to rule out an early election”Since next year’s electoral cycle “is going to be very explosive” and then the municipal elections will arrive, which “does not help the stability” of the government.

“Next year’s electoral cycle is a very explosive electoral cycle. I believe that in spring there will be early elections in Andalusia. It is possible that Castilla y León will synchronize its elections with Andalusia and Ximo Puig will have to make a decision in the Valencian Community if it is the first one that summons or waits. And then the municipal ones come to you. That context does not help the stability of any government, “said the San Sebastian political advisor.

Asked if you consider that Yolanda Diaz can become the first president of the Spanish Government, Redondo has affirmed that it is about “a totally credible possibility” and he has justified his opinion by offering various data from the latest CIS survey.

“The impulse that the expectation that Yolanda Díaz can be president with respect to the vote that takes away the PSOE is 6.9%, when just a month ago that percentage was 2.5%. That is, currently 468,000 votes go directly from the PSOE to United We Can, while the PSOE removes from United We Can 133,000 votes. This is the first symptom, “he stressed.

In addition, he stressed that “29% of working voters want Yolanda Díaz to be president”, while Pedro Sánchez has the support of 21% of that group.

“And, if you ask them if they would be willing to change the vote so that Yolanda Díaz is president, 15% answer yes. And, by the way, there are many people under 45 years of age, which is 42% of the electoral roll”, has added.

He also believes that the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, he can be president of the Spanish Government, “but he has to know that to be president he will have to govern with Vox.”

About the PNV and EH Bildu

On the other hand, Redondo has also spoken about the current political situation in Euskadi and has ensured that the PNV It is the main partner of the Spanish Government.

“The preferred partner of the coalition government is the PNV and relations between the two governments will be collaborative at least until the municipal elections,” he said.

However, it considers that eh Bildu It is an emerging and very rejuvenated force, “which is gaining weight in Basque society, and the PNV knows it perfectly.”

As for the setting of the PSE-EE by Eneko Andueza, he pointed out that it seems to him “an intelligent movement”, but considers that the socialists “have to go out into the streets.”

Finally, Redondo believes that from now on in Euskadi they can also begin to be implemented citizen candidatures. “It is a phenomenon that has not occurred as much in the last five or ten years, but I think it can arise,” he concluded.


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