ITV This Morning turns awkward as Josie Gibson has surprise ruined and viewers slam ‘ridiculous’ segment


This Morning fans were left unimpressed by the show’s Mother’s Day segment after Josie Gibson’s surprise for her own mum was ruined. The presenter was back as the main host of the ITV daytime show alongside Phillip Schofield on Monday as Holly Willoughby still remains in isolation after testing positive for Covid.

And of the segments they were presenting to viewers today was all about Mother’s Day gifts ahead of the celebratory day this coming Sunday.

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Josie and Phillip were therefore joined in the studio by Sarah Jossel with her gift guide that featured everything from unusual flowers to amazing food, makeup and a tipple.

Sarah did kickstart the segment by kindly reminding people that Mother’s Day isn’t the easiest time for everyone. She said: “Firstly, it’s really important just to say that Mother’s Day is a celebratory day but for so many people, they may find it really difficult if they’ve lost their mum, mum’s have lost kids, and also people struggling to become mums.

“So I think be very aware of the people around you. If you know anyone who’s going through a hard time, bring them in if you are having tea or dinners or anything. Do try and include people.”

Phillip commented on the awkward moment

But then, Sarah put her foot in it when she suggested people struggle to figure out what to get their significant person in their lives and revealed what Josie would really like to get her mum.

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“You were telling me earlier Josie you don’t know what to get your mum,” she started before telling everyone: “She wants to get her mum a horse,” as Josie started to laugh.

Phillip then clocked the reaction and commented: “Did she just let a secret out then,” with Josie still continuing to shyly laugh as Sarah said: “Oh, I’m so sorry Josie’s mum..”

“It’s fine Sarah, it’s OK,” she awkwardly replied before adding: “But that’s that surprise ruined but it’s alright,” as the crew laughed. But Phillip tried to save the situation by joking: “They’re so hard to wrap though aren’t they?”

Trying to swiftly move on, Sarah commented that it’s the ‘worst thing’ that to panic and get your mum something that will just ‘sit at the back of the cupboard’ but Phillip wasn’t quite over it.

“Like a horse?” he quipped as Josie laughed and Sarah again tried to cover up and move on.

Sarah apologized for her mistake

As Sarah whizzed through some of the different gifts, This Morning viewers took to social media to complain about some of the prices of the products used which included and £80 Bobbi Brown makeup gift set and a £56 matte lipstick.

“What happened to giving your mum a bunch of daffodils and breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day? People don’t really give £80 gifts, fgs #ThisMorning,” @Mabel_Mouse_ said.

@Crazier tweeted: “#ThisMorning If my mum was still with us, she’d be so angry if she knew I’d spent £80 on something like that.”

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Viewers found the segment too pricey

“READ THE ROOM #ThisMorning Most of us are skint as f**k, the prices on here are a joke,” @Hello_Lois commented.

@geordiegalg shared: “The prices of these so called Mother’s Day gifts! Ridiculous. #ThisMorning.”

“#ThisMorning Whats wrong with a card and a box of chocolates? What’s the matter with just telling them ‘I love you and thank you,'” “@Dc7073Bloss added.


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