ITV Good Morning Britain hit with official complaints over Susanna Reid interview

Good Morning Britain is often dividing viewers – but a number of people have lodged official complaints following an interview with Susanna Reid and the Prime Minister. The presenter finally got to talk to Boris Johnson, almost five years after he last spoke to the ITV programme.

Susanna, 51, headed to Downing Street to conduct the interview live from Number 10 on last Tuesday’s show (May 3). The conversation came three years after Mr Johnson famously ran away from her and Piers by hiding in a fridge in the lead up to the 2019 General Election and a whopping 1790 days since the PM has spoken to GMB.

After introducing her interview, Susanna didn’t hold back with her first question. She said: “Well thank you for being back with us, and it seems remarkable that before we get back into talking about Ukraine, so many people want to know, are you honest, Prime Minister?

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Stumbling over his words, Mr Johnson responded: “It think you – yes – and I think that the, er, best way to judge that is to look at what this government says it’s going to do and what it does, and that’s what matters.” .” Susanna then replied: “I just want a straight answer – you’re an honest speaker?”

Mr Johnson responded: “Yes, and er, I do my best to faithfully and accurately represent what I believe, and sometimes it’s controversial and sometimes it offends people, but that’s what I do.”

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There was also bafflement from GMB viewers as Mr Johnson arrived late for the interview ‘in his own home’. The interview between Susanna and Mr Johnson was confirmed on the show the day before and teased right up until the PM she was due to sit down with the host at 8.15am.

Susanna interviewed Boris Johnson on the show on May 3

However, there was a delay and Richard Madeley and Ranvir Singh, who were on hand to host the rest of the show from the ITV studio, had to fill in with an interview with comedian and TV star Patrick Kielty before the PM arrived at around 8.30 A.M. It has since been claimed Mr Johnson vomited on his suit and had to get changed ahead of his interview.

The Times reported earlier this week that aides confirmed the Tory leader had food poisoning when he was being interviewed on the program and reportedly had a secret signal in case he needed to end the chat early.

While many viewers flooded to praise Susanna for holding the Prime Minister accountable for her actions, some viewers were unimpressed and despite the efforts it took to obtain and conduct the interview, 87 viewers made official complaints to Ofcom.

It was the first time the PM has spoken to the program in nearly five years

The interview covered a range of topics – including the Cost of Living crisis and the ongoing situation in Ukraine. But GMB viewers were left heartbroken and enraged when the Prime Minister was confronted with the story of one pensioner, Elsie, who uses her free bus pass to ride the bus all day to keep warm while also being reduced to one meal a day.

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Mr Johnson responded by saying that pensioners have free bus passes because of him. He told Susanna: “Just to remind you that the 24-hour freedom bus pass was something that I introduced.” To which the host then responded: “Wonderful, so Elsie should be grateful to you for her bus pass!”

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