ITV Emmerdale fans work out Meena injury death twist as others point out blunder

Emmerdale fans think they have worked out Meena Jutla’s end after she spent months secretly killing her village neighbours.

The evil nurse is currently behind bars and awaiting a plea hearing after being charged with a raft of offenses – from the murder of Ben Tucker, Andrea Tate, and Leanna Cavanagh to the attempted murders of Victoria Sugden and Leyla Cavanagh, and the kidnap of Manpreet Sharma and Vinny Dingle – to name just a few.

As DS Rogers read out her list of crimes during an episode last week, Meena gave very little reaction with some fans thinking she took pleasure in hearing it or felt ‘relief’ that she was caught.

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But despite being locked up, she is still pulling all the strings as she convinced Vicar Charles to go and visit her as she repents and seeks forgiveness.

Charles, however, has struggled to hear what the twisted serial killer has to say as she confessed to killing Andrea Tate before reliving the horrifying moment she bludgeoned Ben to death.

During Thursday night’s trip to the Dales, Charles defied his former decision not to visit Meena anymore and ended up back face-to-face with her.

But she soon twigged that Charles may not be being genuine about his desire to help her and she ended their visiting session early.

Meena has been seen clutching at her sides

Later, Charles was hosting another support from at The Hop when his visits to Meena were exposed by Leyla Cavanagh after she picked up a book that featured a sticker saying it belonged to the prison where Meena is being held.

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Despite Charles’ secret visits coming to light, Emmerdale viewers were still thinking about Meena as she is seen consistently clutching her ribs as she moves around herself as well as getting to and from the visitors room.

And they think it’s a tell tale sign as to what is to come.

@sarahsjmmoore tweeted: “Who thinks Meena is going to die from internal bleeding? She keeps heavy breathing and clutching her ribs… #Emmerdale.”

“#Emmerdale Is Meena going to die in prison???” @GeorgiaBowring asked.

@ClareHeidi echoed: “Meena will probs die of internal bleeding in prison #emmerdale.”

“Anyone notice she’s holding her side and in pain? Is she going to die of internal injuries?” @Liseylox said.

However, other eagle-eyed viewers pointed out that there was an issue with Meena’s injuries which were a result of her being pushed off the bridge by Liam Cavanagh after she taunted him about his daughter’s death in the exact same location.

Charles has been visiting Meena

During episodes of the ITV soap aired last week, viewers saw Meena cradling her right side with her left arm but in another, they then noticed she was suddenly holding the left side of her body as if to suggest that was where her pain was.

“#emmerdale Meena not exactly being consistent with which side of her body aches,” @airwavey tweeted at the time.

@lincsbirder2019 added: “So when she walked in for her last interview she was holding her left ribs, when she met Charles she was holding her right side ! Hmmmmmm…..”

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