ITV Emmerdale fans think they’ve spotted Chloe’s dad

Emmedale fans think they’ve already spotted Chloe Harris’ dad in the village after thinking he was missing from important scenes last week. The Dales newcomer has been at the center of the drama in recent weeks after making her debut in the ITV soap last August.

Her gangster father is currently believed to be serving time in prison. Viewers will recall that Chloe ran away from her controlling and criminal dad Damon Harris last year. She was helped by Kerry Wyatt, who has been working as a cleaning maid for Chloe’s family de ella, and previously divulged details on her dangerous boss de ella.

And we have recently seen Kerry and her daughter Amy looking out for Chloe after she moved to the village with them and has since suffered a stalking ordeal at the hands of former love interest Noah Dingle.

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Emmerdale fans have been concerned about Noah’s behavior as they discovered the teen was secretly spying on his former love interest before taking her keys and rummaging through her room. Not only that, they watched as he listened in on a conversation between Chloe and Kerry Whyatt as he bugged her room. And in scenes aired last week, Chloe found out the horrifying truth.

She found hundreds of photos of herself on her laptop as well as recordings of her conversations with Kerry and Amy at home. Chloe tried to leave with the laptop just as Noah returned home from the shop but as her de ella grilled her as to why she was suddenly leaving, the laptop slipped and fell to the floor.

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The 18-year-old tried to wiggle out of it and say he was just trying to find out ‘what she liked’. But as she tried to get away, Chloe ended up falling on the floor and instead of helping her up, Noah put his hand over her mouth to stop her shouting just as his horrified mum walked in. After a lot of toing a froing, Charity gave her son up to the police and he’ll soon be standing up in court after being charged.

Chloe has been going through a stalking ordeal

But in a completely different storyline, Emmerdale viewers think they’ve found Chloe’s dad. Will Taylor recently discovered that daughter Dawn Taylor and Gabby Thomas think their ex Jamie Tate, who also happens to be fiancĂ©e Kim’s son, is still alive after faking his own death.

After being shot in a case of mistaken identity, Will agreed to help Gabby and asked Harriet Finch to use her position in the police to do some digging. Then, during Tuesday night’s trip to the Dales, Will was left frustrated as Gabby trawled through the various reels of CCTV footage to no avail. But he may be left eating his words from her as PC Finch shared the news with Will that she’d found evidence that Jamie was recently spotted helping Hazel and Millie move house around the time Gabby and Dawn found their home abandoned.

Then, at the end of Wednesday night’s episode, Will made a drastic new plan to find Jamie and met up with a man he knows from prison, telling him he wanted him to track down his future son-in-law. But it doesn’t appear Will wants to welcome him back to Home Farm with open arms.

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Fans think Will’s mate could be related to Chloe

“I want someone found. Trouble is, that person wants everyone to think that he’s dead,” Will told his former cell mate revealing that his plan was to make sure once he’s found that Jamie stays away from the village forever. His mate from him then shared that he could make Jamie “disappear”, to which Will responded: “I just need to know where he is. Because when I do, I can make sure he never shows his face around here ever again.”

But fans think the mystery man is in fact Chloe’s dad. Helen Adams wrote on Facebook: “Now this would be a great storyline if Will’s pal was Chloe’s dad! I am dying to know who her dad is and why he is locked up.” Gina Brooks said: “Wonder if this guy is Chloe’s father?”

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