ITV Emmerdale fans point out Chloe blunder as Noah leaves them feeling ‘sick’ over stalking scenes


Emmerdale fans have been concerned about Noah Dingle’s behavior for a while now but they were left feeling ‘physically sick’ during latest scenes on the ITV soap as he took things to a new low.

The character was left gutted when he was dumped by his girlfriend Chloe Harris, played by newcomer Jessie Elland. Back in March, in an attempt to make her jealous, Noah began making a move on Amelia Spencer. Aware that she had had her eye on him, Noah decided to pretend to like her back from her, calling her pretty and wanting them to go back to his place from her, in order to make Chloe green with envy.

However, it had the opposite effect and Chloe ended up giving her flower flame a dressing down before he cruelly hit out at Amelia, telling the fellow teen: “I don’t want you, I never wanted you,” he said. on Amelia, no-one would look at you twice – not even with a load of make-up. You’re nothing special and you never will be.”

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Despite their past drama, Chloe and Noah appeared to be getting along better, however, the teenage boy has been displaying odd behavior which continued during Wednesday night’s trip to the Dales (May 4). Viewers spotted Noah lingering in a doorway, watching his love interest and former girlfriend Chloe Harris from a far after already getting his hands on her phone and installing a tracker.

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He then watched on as Chloe has a coffee with Jacob Gallagher and the pair jokingly go to share a kiss before pulling away. But this only fueled Noah’s obsession further as he went to new extremes by stealing her keys and breaking into the house where she lives. He was seen snooping around Chloe’s bedroom and went straight for her underwear drawer where he rifled through her knickers.

He then started taking pictures of her bedroom, using his mobile phone and even made himself comfortable on her bed before he ended up hiding in the wardrobe when he heard Chloe downstairs after she managed to get back into her home through the back door.

Noah was seen in Chloe’s room

Lucky for him, Chloe was too distracted by a phone call with Kerry and didn’t find him hiding in her room. But Emmerdale fans spotted a major problem.

@wiltsjojo said: “How in hell did chloe not see noah hiding in that wardrobe?” as @paradiseIeah tweeted: “Nah f**s off there’s no way that chloe wouldn’t have seen noah literally just stood in her wardrobe #emmerdale.”

“When he was in the cupboard and his face was practically in full sight and it didn’t catch her eye at all,” @ scottishdevotchka81 pointed out.

@Nikkdthomas joked: “#Emmerdale someone book Chloe an appointment at specsavers how did she not see him,” while @sherbetp1p added: “How the hell did Chloe not see Noah there??? #Emmerdale.”

Chloe is currently unaware of what is going on

Later on in the episode, Noah was seen with his headphones in and was listening in to Chloe and Kerry having a conversation as it became clear he had bugged her bedroom with a mic. And it was too much for fans of the soap.

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@lisa087726 said: “It’s so creepy and uncomfortable to watch,” while @CxxPIPxx tweeted: “I appreciate it’s an important storyline (and for their sake, it had better be handled appropriately) but Noah makes me feel physically sick #Emmerdale.”

“I swear to god. Just watched Noah rummaging through Chloe’s knicker drawer and felt sick,” @HollyWe16626271 shared as @pam_rog commented: “Do not like this story line at all I will be turning off.”

@AjEasmon added: “Nah this is beyond disgusting, I wish chloe had seen him. Tracking her phone then putting a camera in her room, come on Noah WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU??? #Emmerdale.”


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