ITV Emmerdale fans in agreement as soap airs heartbreaking Marlon and April scenes


There were more emotional scenes in Emmerdale as the Dingle family came to terms with Marlon’s health scare and the fan favorite character underwent surgery.

Viewers of the ITV soap were left in tears on Monday night when Marlon’s frightening health battle began. He felt something was wrong as his vision of him became blurred before he looked in the mirror and realized his face had drooped on one side and he was unable to speak, despite desperately running through his thoughts in his own head.

He then collapsed to the floor and was soon found by his young daughter, April, who called for an ambulance. It came amid celebrations for the family as Marlon and girlfriend Rhona Goskirk had both proposed to each other.

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The excitement, however, soon turned to horror after a giddy Marlon had rushed home to pick up Rhoan’s engagement ring which he accidentally left back at their home.

Later, in the hospital, it was confirmed that Marlon had suffered a stroke and needed surgery to remove the blood clot on the left side of his brain. In scenes at the end of the episode, he desperately wanted to tell Rhona not to leave him as he was prepared for the operation.

Marlon was waiting his surgery in hospital

On Tuesday night, Emmerdale picked up where it left off with Marlon awaiting his surgery and daughter April, played by Amelia Flanagan, was determined to go and see her dad despite Rhona’s mother Mary trying to change her mind.

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Arriving at the hospital and walking in to see Marlon, she told her sick dad: “I don’t know what to say but you would, you always do,” as Marlon, played by Mark Charnock, began to cry.

April visited her dad in hospital

“I love you isn’t enough. That’s what I say when you drop me off at school, or when you used to read me a bedside story. Not when it might be… I never got to tell mum how much she meant to me, now she I ca n’t even tell you.

“I’m so sorry dad,” the schoolgirl added before rushing out of the room in tears and eventually telling Rhona and Mary that she feared her dad was going to die just like her mum, Donna Windsor, did.

Referencing Mary, who kept saying “tomorrow’s another day,” April said: “It’s my dad’s birthday and you keep saying tomorrow’s another day.

“My mum died the day after my birthday. I wanted to tell dad how much he meant to me but I couldn’t do it. I thought I might never see him again. Dad could still die or what if he can’t look after us anymore.”

The emotionally-charged scenes once again left Emmerdale viewers in tears but they were also in full agreement on one thing.

“Such brilliant acting but sad to watch,” l_t_walton wrote. @orchard_crafts_beth_dawson said: “Incredible acting, amazing storyline. Heartbreaking.”

“Absolutely incredible acting. Heartbreaking to watch,” @wooie2103 echoed. And if fans have it their way Mark, Amelia and Rhona actress Zoe Henry should be creating space on their mantlepieces.

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April eventually opened up to Rhona and Mary

@caz2133 tweeted: “Wow @emmerdale. Just caught up with the last 2 episodes. Was not expecting that!! Poor Marlon What incredible acting from @markcharnock Award winning.”

“Superb acting from Mark Charnock portraying the effects of a Stroke. Deserves an award for that performance! #emmerdale,” @cheetah_snow shared.

@RyanGTweetsTV commented: “April is breaking my heart. Give Amelia Flanagan all the awards. She is incredible #Emmerdale.”

“So sad watching Marlon is heartbreaking, the real representation of a stroke is shown accurately, well done. Awards please for mark and Amelia and Zoe, they’ve been fantastic. X #emmerdale,” @yasmin_ali10 added.

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