ITV Emmerdale fans implore writers to ‘sort it out’ over ‘sickening’ Al as they question Belle

Emmerdale fans were left furious as they watched the soap’s latest scenes as Belle Dingle was the latest victim of Al Chapman’s scheming. Earlier this week viewers saw Belle chatting to her ex-boyfriend’s dad about her dissatisfaction with work at the B & B.

She spoke to the currently unemployed businessman about her big career ambitions that may see her having to move away from the village and leave the Dingle clan behind. However, after quizzing Belle on her ideas from her, Al encouraged her to try them out on B & B boss Eric Pollard first.

Encouraged, Belle headed off and created a thorough business plan for the village establishment to branch out and become a wellness retreat. But unknown to her, Al had scurried off up to Home Farm to put his idea of ​​him, aka Belle’s idea, to Kim Tate.

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Later, Al bumped into a deflated Belle in David Metcalfe’s shop and she told him that Eric had rubbished her idea. With the business plan in hand, Al asked to take a look and was soon quizzing Belle on everything including costings and suppliers. He then asked if he could keep hold of it and quickly headed off.

And viewers soon saw him back at Home Farm asking Kim to take a look at his plan to turn Hawksford into a wellness retreat. However, he was caught out by Kim’s former business partner Jai Sharma who spotted the document and took it away with him, only to overhear Belle talking to Chas in the pub about Eric dashing her plans for her.

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Obviously annoyed, Belle went and confronted Al who tried to worm his way out of his latest scheming act leading to Belle storming out and girlfriend Kerry backing him up.

Al pitched Belle’s idea as his own to Kim

Emmerdale fans were soon expressing their dismay at Al’s latest actions and were imploring the ITV soap’s writers to ‘sort it out’.

“I hope Al seriously gets a comeuppance, I’m really fed up of his getting away with things. Belle will have her proposal in writing on her computer as it was shown in a presentation so come on Emmerdale writers, sort it out!” Nicola Lock wrote on Facebook.

Sandra Uden-Ilett said: “Another sickening thing Al is trying to get away with. It has never been found out that he was the one who destroyed the Woolpack. Is he ever going to get what he deserves.”

@Avni_06_xx tweeted: “I always hated AL but he’s gone up in evil cheating Belle #emmerdale.”

“Can they just get rid of Al? Poor Belle #Emmerdale,” @HisLoveConsumes commented.

But others were blasting Belle for going against her family and cozying up to Al despite what happened with The Woolpack towards the end of last year and Cain’s son, Kyle, earlier this year.

Belle confronted Al in The Woolpack

@1stLadyHooligan tweeted: “How stupid can Belle be? serves her right that Al the snake is using her ideas. #Emmerdale.”

“Belle deserves everything that’s coming to her if she’s this thick after what’s just gone down between her family and Al #Emmerdale,” @kyliecamper812 fumed.

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@griannedoherty2 said: “OMG Belle’s NOT actually gona go into business with Al of all people now seriously? Not after everything he did to Debbie, Priya, Chas & even Marlon seriously? Also she’d probably still be with Ellis if not for his meddling. Cain’s gona disown her next too #Emmerdale.”

“#Emmerdale Al has backstabbed, double crossed & stitched up most of Dingles so why is Belle even talking never mind trusting Al?” @unsworth1live questioned.

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