ITV Emmerdale fans fume at Bob amid Samson outburst as they make Cathy prediction

Emmerdale fans were left unimpressed with Bob Hope during recent scenes despite him sticking up for his daughter Cathy. The cafe owner was enraged during Thursday night’s trip to the Dales when he returned to find his daughter in tears with former partner Brenda.

Cathy’s upset came after Samson Dingle found out she’s been claiming that she is in a relationship with him after they shared a kiss. Furious with the lies, the son of Sam Dingle went to end things with Cathy but ended up being quite cruel to the schoolgirl.

“I’ll tell you straight, I am not interested,” Samson hit out at Cathy leaving her heartbroken. “Not then, not now and not ever. OK? You’re embarrassing me and you’re embarrassing yourself.”

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Samson’s outburst led to Bob confronting him by storming into the Dingle family home where Sam and Mandy were about to raise a toast to mark a year since she almost got married. However, they were interrupted when Bob flung the door open, entered their living room and demanded to know where Samson was, threatening to “box Samson’s ears.”

But Sam was left confused when Bob explained to Sam that Samson had upset Cathy and that he pretty much told her she “wasn’t fit to shine his shoes,” leading Sam to ask: “Why would she want to shine his shoes?”

Hearing the commotion, Samson came down from upstairs and faced Bob’s wrath but he appeared adamant he hadn’t done anything wrong. However, Samson later visited David’s shop, trying to get Jacob Gallagher to sell him some alcohol. Refusing, Jacob instead shut up show and tried to help Samson figure out his problem from him.

Samson cruelly let down Cathy

And Jacob clearly got through to the teen as he was soon back at the cafe wanted to apologize to Cathy. He eventually told her: “I’m sorry that I don’t feel the same way. I mean, I do like you, but… I’m really sorry about the way I spoke to you. I’m sorry. “

After she worried about having to tell people she lied, Samson told Cathy to tell people she dumped him because she didn’t want to be with someone who was horrible and the pair ended the chat by vowing to remain friends.

But Emmerdale fans were reeling with Bob’s reaction and reminded him about a time not too long ago when Cathy’s lies caused major upset for April Windsor as she was secretly being bullied by her online.

@Samanth22356123 tweeted: “Er… Bob, remember how your darling Cathy treated April?!! #Emmerdale.”

“I don’t remember Bob shouting the odds like that when Cathy was catfishing April #Emmerdale,” @MeeshyJay said.

@lil_fairy_doll shared: “Hey Bob, you know Cathy is no angel, how about being an adult and getting the other side of the story before mouthing off?! #Emmerdale.”

“Guess Bob’s forgotten what a little troublemaker Cathy is. #emmerdale,” @magso5 added.

And viewers of the soap are concerned for Cathy as she clearly hasn’t learned from her past mistakes.

Fans think Cathy hasn’t learned her lesson

“Cathy’s learned nothing after all the hatred she threw at April. Stop lying for goodness sake #Emmerdale,” @moore95_pamela said.

@EnfieldGarry echoed: “Cathy really hasn’t learned from what she did to April has she. #Emmerdale.”

Meanwhile, @MeeshyJay predicted: “Psycho Cathy will soon be stalking Samuel #Emmerdale.”

“Cathy will ask dirty noah out next #emmerdale,” @homebrew19721 added.

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