ITV Emmerdale fans figure out Leyla and Suzy’s connection after awkward scenes

Emmerdale fans have been putting two and two together to try to figure out how Leyla Cavanagh and newbie Suzy know each other after they were seen in awkward scenes on Thursday night (April 21).

During the latest trip to the Dales, viewers watched as Vanessa Woodfield finally got on another date with Suzy after a disastrous attempt earlier in the week that saw her son become sick and her phone getting covered in wine leaving her unable to tell her potential new girlfriend that she couldn’t make their date.

After taking part in wine tasting in David Metcalfe’s shop, the pair headed to The Woolpack where Charity Dingle cast a beady eye over their flowing chat and constant giggles.

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However, when Leyla appeared at the pub for a drink after a stressful day, she appeared rattled to see Suzy and Vanessa together. When her friend of her asked how the pair knew each other, Suzy explained that it was through work but Leyla still appeared unnerved.

Politely sitting down with them, Leyla took an opportunity to warn Suzy off when Vanessa headed to the loo. “Its a small village… you’re here in my local chatting up one of my mates,” Leyla said.

Despite Suzy reassuring her Leyla said: “No Suzy that’s not alright, because this is my life you know, my actual real life,” to which the newcomer, played by Martelle Edinborough, replied: “Oh listen you do not need to worry, no one is gonna hear a thing from me.”

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Leyla and Suzy bumped into each other in The Woolpack

But Leyla remained firm and told her: “I don’t want you here,” to which her mystery friend replied: “Leyla, it’s alright, I’m not gonna say anything, I would never dream of saying anything… you can’t tell me who I can and can’t go out with,” just as Vanessa returned and asked what she had missed.

The uncomfortable scenes come after Emmerdale viewers were left suspicious of Leyla when she took a mysterious phone call before disappearing and didn’t turn up for Meena Jutla’s verdict, despite her husband Liam finding out if the serial killer nurse would be found guilty of murdering his daughter Leanna.

Leyla made a shifty phone call in previous scenes

So now they have been left wondering how Suzy and Leyla really know each other – and there are a few different theories.

“I wonder if leyla and suzie had a fling at some point,” @domain_harry said.

@salhypes commented: “Wait af***ing minuteā€¦ is Leyla actually Suzy’s ex??? Because that’s the vibe, huns,” as another commented: “Leyla and Susie definitely had it off.”

Whereas @Thedragon18137 wildly suggested: “Know this is a bit out there but convinced Suzy is connected to Meena and could be helping with her escape, Leyla could be trying to stop her?? #emmerdale.”

But @Dan240993 shared: “Right either Leyla & Suzy are long lost sisters or I’ve got a feeling they used to work together when Leyla was a pole dancer. #Emmerdale.”

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