ITV Emmerdale fans figure out Charles’ real reason for baffling visits to Meena

His betrayal was uncovered in the latest episode of Emmerdale but does Charles Anderson have a valid reason for visiting Meena Jutla?

Fans of the ITV soap were shocked last week when Meena reached out to the vicar after being charged for the horrendous crimes she had been committing unknown to her neighbors in the village.

The evil serial killer is set to face punishment for killing Ben Tucker, Andrea Tate, and Leanna Cavanagh, as well as other attempted murders, kidnaps, and imprisonments among other things.

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Playing on his duty to God as a vicar, Meena managed to convince Charles to visit her in prison as she wanted to seek forgiveness and repent for what she has done.

“Whatever you tell me is between you, me and God,” Charles told her, not willing to go against his oath during his visit in Monday night’s episode.

After goading Charles about whether he could handle the truth, she eventually confessed to killing Andrea and later, Meena was seen phoning Charles after he abruptly left when she taunted him over then-girlfriend Andrea’s death.

But she was left disappointed when Charles refused to see her again, despite her telling him that she had more to confess.

Meena claimed to be seeking forgiveness

However, he has since been seen changing his mind and paid another visit to Meena in prison, while also helping to set up a support group for her victims.

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During Thursday night’s trip to the Dales, it appeared that the former nurse twigged that Charles may not be being genuine about his desire to help her and she ended their visiting session early.

But Emmerdale fans think they have figured out Charles’ real reason for visiting Meena – or at least something he should think about doing before her plea hearing.

Fans are full of theories about Charles

@RyanGTweetsTV tweeted: “Charles better be wearing a wire this time around #Emmerdale.”

“OMG if only Charles was actually wearing a hidden wire & DS Rogers were somewhere secretly listening in. Otherwise it’s just gona be Meena’s word against someone else’s yet again unfortunately Although all Prison phone calls are recorded, so if he reports it then… #Emmerdale,” @griannedoherty2 said.

@meenajutlas commented: “Why do i feel like this is a trap from the evil charles. i fear he has a wire under that dog collar, don’t fall for it MeMe! #Emmerdale.”

“Charles should tell the police that he’s trying to drag the truth out of Meena…they could wire his dog collar. No idea why he’s bothering…and why are there so many prison officers in the room #Emmerdale,” @ moore95_pamela shared.

Later, Charles was hosting another support from at The Hop when his visits to Meena were exposed by Leyla Cavanagh after she picked up a book that featured a sticker saying it belonged to the prison where Meena is being held.

Leyla caught Charles out

But fans are baffled as to why he keeps going back to see her.

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“I literally don’t understand the point of this Charles/Meena thing #emmerdale,” @LelJoyce said.

@mikepriestley13 tweeted: “Why does Charles keep going to see meena he’s annoying me now #Emmerdale.”

“I just don’t understand why Charles keeps visiting Meena. Ffs #Emmerdale,” @deadstar37 echoed.

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