ITV Emmerdale fans are begging for the same after Vinny and Manpreet scenes


Emmerdale fans have been left begging the soap to find crucial evidence.

Almost two weeks have passed since Meena Jutla escaped from the village. Liam Cavanagh is done with his terrorizing of sister Manpreet Sharma and Vinny Dingle.

After running and hitchhiking in a truck with a man headed for Scotland, the serial killer nurse hasn’t been seen since.

But his horrible actions still have repercussions in the town.

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During Tuesday night’s edition of the ITV soap opera, viewers saw Vinny pay another visit to Manpreet in hospital.

He is still on a mission to break his ex-girlfriend Liv Flaharty out of prison after she was framed for the murder of Ben Tucker, when it was Meena’s doing.

Vinny has already been told that Manpreet’s statement of the events, including Meena’s confession, was not enough to get Liv out of jail.

Sitting by her hospital bed, Vinny collapsed before making a suggestion.

“The thing is, I wouldn’t say this unless I was desperate for Liv, the police came to see me yesterday. I know how scary it must have been for you to give your statement…” he said.

Vinny broke down talking to Manpreet

When Manpreet agreed that it was, Vinny told him, “I don’t think you said enough to change it to Liv. There has to be something else, Manpreet, something else.”

“Something we can do together, we need to give them some evidence.”

He continued, “All that matters is that we know Liv didn’t kill Ben.”

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A frustrated Vinny told Manpreet that she must have missed something despite feeling guilty about Liv’s situation.

“I was drugged up to my eyes,” she told him. “I forced myself to remember, but the details of what he did to Ben are still hazy…”

Vinny yelled, “That’s not enough.”

Manpreet tried to talk Vinny out of his suggestion.

He apologized, but soon suggested that they plant some evidence near the scene of Ben’s murder that would give the police Meena’s DNA.

Later, the police showed up and said they were “acting on new information.”

But Vinny may get caught when Charles spoke to him later, asking, “Did you tell your family that you tried to get Manpreet to make up evidence?”

The viewers of Emmerdale, however, believe there is something that could help them defeat Meena, and beg them to find it.

“Dig the assignment and end this story,” @pennd3283 said.

Meena’s box is buried in the allotment.

@karenlangley_life_ commented: “The can on assignment would have been found by now…Come on, get seriously bored now! No one would have missed seeing that when it’s so plain to see.”

“Would anyone ever go through the plot and find the damn box and be done with it? It’s blowing my mind,” Mary wrote on Facebook.

Tracy said, “You have to find that box of trinkets.”

“Can anyone find that box in the assignment? Please drag!” Judith added.

As viewers know, Meena took “trophies” from her victims and kept them in a first aid kit.

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Meena buried the box with evidence of her crimes on Liam’s assignment and when she broke it after learning of her daughter Leanna’s murder, the box became more visible.

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