ITV Corrie fans plead for ‘simpler storylines’ as they complain about plots ‘jumping back and forth’

Coronation Street fans have pleaded for ‘simpler storylines’ as they complained about plots ‘jumping back and forth’ in the much-loved soap.

Diehard viewers had their say on the soap’s official Facebook page, followed by 2.1million people, as Corrie bosses teased exciting drama to come involving Corrie favorites Abi Franklin, Adam Barlow, Daisy Midgeley and Gary Windass.

“Get ready for past secrets, lies and liaisons in a dramatic season of must see storylines,” they told fans of the long-running ITV soap.

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But soap watchers responded by calling for changes, saying storylines are ‘increasingly baffling to follow’ with ‘too many characters and stories.’

Adam Barlow played by Sam Robertson

Helen Hudspith wrote: “My mum is 85 and we have watched and enjoyed Corrie for years and years.

“She has some memory problems now and is finding the storylines increasingly baffling to follow.

“Some of this is sadly inevitable, but some of it is because writers seem to bring back old story lines from ages ago and then develop them more or suddenly make them vital to a new plot twist.”

Helen continued: “My poor mum and others like her don’t have a hope in hell of making sense of these.

“I know it can’t be avoided all together and it often makes good drama, but could I plead for a few simpler storylines that are kept ‘in the moment’ so that elderly viewers can still enjoy some parts of a show they have long loved.”

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Gary Windass played by Mikey North

Fellow viewer Felicity Martin replied: “Yes.. The story lines are all over the place.”

And Helen explained: “Happiness, it’s when someone who had a one night stand or something months and months ago and then it finally becomes vital to a current story that my mum just hasn’t a clue what’s going on.”

Felicity agreed: “I know.. They start a story and then it is dripped for months. And then suddenly picked up.

“And we are supposed to remember about it.

“Too many characters, too many stories.”

Debra John Houlders said: “We’ve been watching these same old same old storylines for nearly 12 months.

“It’s tired and it’s about time we had some new quick turnover storylines instead of these forever ones.”

Deborah Bates responded: “It has the potential to be as good as it was and I can’t put my finger on what’s wrong.

“It just seems unbelievable whereas classic Corrie, you could identify with it.

Daisy Midgeley played by Charlotte Jordan

“Also it jumps back n forth eg. we see Abbie and Imran talking, she thinks she’s pregnant, builds up and then she’s not, nothing more for weeks until last night when suddenly she runs out of bistro attacked with guilt.

“Why? It’s done, happened months back, no one needs to know or get hurt but she suddenly blurts all to Sally because Sean is teasing her ??!

“Nah, not having it – her character wouldn’t do that. In the good old days if they got found out it would have been by complete accident, subtle – I can’t explain it. I just watch n roll my eyes! “

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And Pamela Davis said: “I’d like it if each hour long episode was a separate story like a ‘Vera’ or a ‘Morse’ and everything was wrapped up within the hour.”

But other fans jumped to the soap’s defence.

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Mark Burridge said: “Here we go roll on the ‘bring back the old days’ well TIMES CHANGE if you don’t like the storyline, don’t watch!!”

They added: “Also, times change, live with it.”

Lesley Shaw wrote: “I still love my Corrie, so much! Among all the drama there is still a lot of funny things and great characters and it is a ‘soap’ after all, not real life.

“But they do also cover things going on in the world and so well done too….. so it covers it all…It’s not been going for over 60 years for nothing!”

And Katie Elizabeth Green applauded: “The storylines are fab in Coronation Street, Adam Barlow was me fave x”

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