ITV Corrie fans demand justice for Abi as they point out heartbreaking anniversary


There was an outcry as Abi Webster lost custody of her baby boy Alfie in Wednesday’s Coronation Street (May 4). Alfie’s parents Abi and Iman Habeeb went to battle in court over their son, who was born premature after Abi had no idea she was pregnant.

Abi fell pregnant after a secret one-night stand with Imran in September following the murder trial for the death of her beloved son Seb Franklin. The reformed addict relapsed after being dumped by her husband de ella Kevin when he discovered she’d cheated on him.

And in dramatic scenes back in March Abi, played by Sally Carman, went into labor at the side of a road after taking drugs with her dealer. He stole a car and abandoned Abi when she was taken unwell.

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During the birth in hospital she gave a fake name to the midwife before abandoning her son and returning to the street. But she changed her mind after discovering that the baby, who she has named Alfie, was seriously ill and needed an operation

There was a paternity riddle in the soap until Imran was finally unmasked as Alfie’s father, and the pair have gone to battle over Alfi. Imran has been supported by new wife Toyah Battersby who changed her mind and sided with him, and he has been determined to smear Abi who has been attending support meetings and undergoing drug tests.

Abi talked to her baby boy

Smarmy Imran told the judge that Abi was back on drugs and was an unfit mother, aided by his spy, Ben, who also lied to the court. In emotional scenes, Abi was seen in hospital stroking her son’s head as she told him she would always be there for him.

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And it wasn’t lost on viewers that it was the one year anniversary of the sickening attack on Seb and his girlfriend Nina Lucas. Seb died in hospital from his injuries after being brutally kicked by teen thug Corey Brent.

Corrie fans flocked to Twitter to praise the scenes and to demand justice for Abi. @lisaw12345 said: “That scene at the end you had me in tears @sallycarman1 outstanding.”

Smarmy Imran won

@BnmPlanet tweeted: “It is heartbreaking Abi talking to Alfie, this time she is innocent but paying the cost of Imran lying.” @AK_907_Queen said: “My heart hurts.” and @kellycrumpton94 wrote: “If Abi doesn’t wind up getting Alfie back by the end of this storyline, WE RIOT.”

@page_lace30 wrote: “They need to give Abi her son give her a break.” @RyanGTweetsTV said: “I feel so sorry for Abi Losing custody of her son de ella on the anniversary of Seb’s death de ella. Abi can never catch a break.”

@JamieTVandNews asked: “Can’t these writers just give Abi a little bit for a break. Bad enough this is the anniversary of Seb’s beating.” @xsimranbalx pointed out: “Wow Imran is heartless. It’s been one year since Seb got attacked and you have no sympathy whatsoever! You’re using Alfie. I know Abi is capable of taking care of that boy. I think Seb’s death has made her aware of what she could lose if she doesn’t stay off the drugs.”

A weeping Abi told Alfie: “I’m your mum but the judge had said you need to live with Toyah and your dad right now. I know you’ll be happy and I know they will make you happy.”

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She added: “But you have me right here whenever and you have a big brother in the sky watching over you. I’ll be thinking about you every minute of ever day. I love you.”


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