ITV Corrie fans ‘crying their eyes out’ over Laura’s death scene as they make prediction

Corrie fans were ‘crying their eyes out’ on Friday night over the death of Laura Neelan in heartbreaking scenes. Laura passed away from stomach cancer while taking with her the dark secret that Gary Windass had murdered her husband Rick Neelan.

In her final days, Laura decided to take the rap for Gary after he confessed to murdering his loan shark boss back in 2019 after he had threatened him and his loved ones. Gary, who Laura had asked to be guardian to daughter Kelly following her death of her, admitted everything after she hired a private investigator to find out what had happened to her husband of her.

In a final sacrifice she led her daughter to believe she had killed Rick. And she was charged with murder so that her troubled daughter could continue living in the care of Gary and his wife Maria.

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Gary came close to crumbling over their secret but Laura instructed that Kelly must never know the truth. However this led Kelly to dismiss her dying mum from her and she shunned pleas to see her to attend a hairdressing awards instead.

And viewers were in tears as the teen, after having a change of heart, arrived at the hospital to find out that she was too late and that Laura had died. In a powerful scene Kelly held Laura for the last time as she wept for her mum de ella, who had a photo of her baby girl de ella by her bedside de ella.

Praise came pouring for Corrie stars Millie Gibson who plays Kelly and Kel Allen who plays Laura. @Triplec55 tweeted: “Wow, what an episode. Kelly was superb, she is a brilliant actress. Impossible not to fill up at that scene.”

@DanielHowe1303 said: “The authenticity of showing someone not making it on time was the right move from Corrie because a lot of people don’t get that chance. Plus Millie’s acting was phenomenal and it was all so well and accurately put together.”

@yasmin_ali10 asked “Can Mille have all the awards please just for this incredible scene.” And @ NicoleMary2004 applauded: “Wow you guys were absolutely outstanding in tonight’s @itvcorrie. I cried my eyes out it’s heartbreaking and feel so sorry for Kelly lost both of her parents de ella now.”

It was too late for Kelly to say goodbye

@jaydenswiz praised: “What an excellent episode of Corrie tonight all involved were just so amazing but I was really hoping Kelly would see her mam before she passed away. It was one of the most upsetting episodes I’ve seen on any of the soaps just so real life and well done to you all. I was in tears.”

@Hamzakh23647251 wrote: “This is so heartbreaking! got me in tears. This happens around us. I’m sorry Kelly, Gary, Maria, Liam for your loss.” @_jennifer1878 tweeted: “Thanks for making me cry on Friday night.”

And @nattinat messaged: “So sad and I was absolutely crying my eyes out. Fantastic acting from everyone involved well down to Corrie writers as this is only too true sometimes that people don’t get to say goodbye on time, or want to see their loved ones and have that last picture of them in hospital.”

Fans reckon Kelly will eventually find out the truth. And they are predicting major operations.

@mchype45 tweeted: “All hell is gonna break loose, when Kelly finds out it was Gary all along.” And @conormckenna101 commented: “When Kelly finds out the truth about Laura covering for Gary, she is going to be HELLA mad #corrie.”

Kelly held her mum

@noelphobic said: “Wait until Kelly finds out that Gary killed her dad.” And @hannahforest said: “Kelly will want to kill Gary if she finds out the truth.”

@MeeshyJay commented: “When Kelly finds out Gary killed her dad she will go ballistic.” And @ griannedoherty2 sympathized: “Poor Kelly. As much regret as she has now for being so fucking stubborn as to not visit her mum de ella a helluva lot sooner.

They added: “When she eventually finds out who really killed her dad she’s only gona feel even worse for being so angry/hateful towards her mum. She needs revenge.” And @TheCrit65665721 said: “It will be Kelly facing a double murder charge when she finds out the truth dears.”

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