ITV Coronation Street fans work out spiking twist amid Amy’s collapse horror

Coronation Street fans think they have worked out how Amy Barlow came to be spiked.

During Monday night’s trip to the cobbles, viewers of the ITV soap saw the 18-year-old a bit tipsy as she headed into Weatherfield High’s Valentine’s Day dance.

She arrived with an equally tipsy Asha Alahan, as well as pal Summer Spellman and Asha’s brother Aadi was already there.

Asha was soon filling her twin on Amy’s new boyfriend – Jacob Hay – and Amy was keen to leave the party and head to a club.

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While the others weren’t so sure, the decision was soon made for them when Daniel Osbourne noticed Asha swaying and worked out she and Amy had been drinking and kicked them out.

Amy met up with Jacob at the club who had fake ID for Asha and Summer had already danced.

But as the daughter of Steve and Tracy McDonald made her way into the venue, she appeared worse for wear and had to grip onto a barrier to walk herself in.

Later, Corrie viewers saw Jacob helping Amy outside, unable to stand up on her own.

The former drug runner knew something wasn’t right and was soon shouting at Asha to ring an ambulance as Amy collapsed onto the floor.

An ambulance arrived and the Asha soon pointed the finger of blame at Jacob because of his past and over at the hospital, Steve and Tracy were beside themselves as Amy remained unconscious.

It was revealed that Amy had GBH in her system which mixed with alcohol can prove deadly.

The episode ended with Jacob telling Steve and Tracy he wouldn’t hurt Amy and she’s his girlfriend.

And fans already believe they know who spiked Amy – and that the drug wasn’t actually meant for her.

“I reckon Daniels drink was spiked by Max. Daniel put his drink down on the table and Amy picked [it] up before marching off from the school dance,” Karen said on Facebook.

Amy had downed a drink before leaving the school dance

@RyanGTweetsTV tweeted: “Max spiked Daniels drink and Amy drank the wrong one #Corrie.”

“Max spikes Daniels drink and Amy downed it before she left the school party #corrie,” @angenevs echoed.

@LillyBelle19 agreed: “I’m guessing Max spiked Daniels drink at thee school dance, then when he put it dun beside Amy’s, she drank his accidentally. Wot a wee rotter #Corrie.”

“#corrie IT WAS MAX! He spiked Daniel, Amy drunk Daniel’s drunk rather than his own, and now Amy is drugged up,” @jordanparki7 added.

Max and Daniel have been in conflict since the teen thought his teacher was having a secret fling with his crush, Summer Spellman.

But earlier this month, things took a turn when Daniel pushed Max down the stairs after he trashed his flat.

Max was at the school filming the dance

It came after Daniel accidentally let slip a detail that led to Max questioning his dad David who told his son that he had previously been drugged and raped.

While Max was at the dance to film and seems like a likely culprit, others are worried about someone else.

@JamieNews81 said: “Was wondering if Max films who spikes Amy, but what if he films the upskirter, too. Better not be Aadi #Corrie.”

“It’s either Max or Aidi that’s responsible for Amy’s drug spiking, whether intentionally or meant for someone else. My first thought was Max but wud her ly do that giving wot happened to David. So I half wonder if it cud be Aidi but not sure on the motive. Defo not Jacob #Corrie,” @Charlotte_K13 tweeted.

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