ITV Coronation Street fans point out issue with Laura and Gary twist they ‘didn’t see coming’

Coronation Street fans were left stunned on Friday night over a twist they admit they ‘didn’t see coming’. Viewers of the ITV soap often have their theories come right, but during the latest scenes between Laura Neelan and Gary Windass, they were left open-mouthed after he admitted to killing her husband de ella-before she took the rap de ella.

Time was looking like it was up for Gary earlier this week after he discovered the old brickworks where he had to move loan shark Rick’s body to in 2020 after killing him the year before was set to be turned into Weatherfield County’s new training ground. The reformed bad boy attempted to access the site, but was quickly caught out by security.

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He returned to the cobbles and told his wife Maria, who just found out she had been voted onto the council, that he was going to confess to everything. As he returned home, Laura was already going to confront Gary after her private investigator told her they believed Rick is dead – and that Gary killed him.

In the emotionally-charged scenes, Gary admitted to Laura what he had done, saying he acted in self-defence after Rick tried to kill him and threatening to kill his then-girlfriend Sarah Platt and her children. Laura was worried about what the news would do to her daughter Ella Kelly, but Gary knew she’d have to call the police.

Gary begged a dying Laura to let him speak to his partner Maria before she called the police and she agreed, with viewers seeing him heading out the flat in tears to the Bistro, where he had a last drink with his wife. Meanwhile, Laura Kelly overhead talking to Simon Barlow in Victoria Gardens about how she was happy she was getting on with her mum and that Gary and Maria’s support for her had given her ‘hope’ for the future.

Gary had confessed to Laura

In the final scenes of Friday night’s hour-long episode, Maria and Gary returned home with Kelly, only to find a police car outside their apartment block and Laura being escorted out in handcuffs.

As Kelly kicked off, demanding to know why she was being taken away, a police officer told her she was being arrested on suspicion of murder, meaning Laura had taken the rap for Gary in order for her daughter to have a family to turn to when she dies. Sobbing, Laura told the shocked teenager: “I’m so sorry love, I had to do it for your sake. I am so sorry.”

Coronation Street fans were gobsmacked by the twist.

@xxAlicia89 tweeted: “I wasn’t expecting that. I just thought she wouldn’t go to the police after hearing Kelly talking to Simon.. Great twist.”

“Omg what an ending i wasn’t expecting that,” @TheOnlyKailahh echoed.

@sp00ktrain commented: “I was GOBSMACKED when i saw laura in handcuffs.”

“@itvcorrie #corrie Oh I do love an unexpected Corrie twist! Nice one tonight,” @sarahpr41837070 added.

Laura sobbed as she took the blame for Rick’s death

Not all viewers were impressed.

@kylieskaty tweeted: “Gary needs to be arrested and charged with rana & rick’s murders alongside maria perverting the course of justice, withholding information #corrie.”

“OMG can’t believe Gary actually gets away with it yet again. Is he genuinely just gona stand back & let an innocent woman actually die in Prison seriously? Poor Laura. She needs to be with Kelly in her final days, not a Prison cell #Corrie,” @griannedoherty2 commented.

Kelly watched on as her mum was bundled into a police car

@Talkytalky60 wrote: “Tired of soap killers getting away with murderer or dying before they are brought to justice. #corrie.”

“Omg poor Laura why lie for Gary. Gary gets away with everything one day he won’t #Corrie @itvcorrie.”

Corrie fans were also quick to suggest that Laura will end up in the clear as they spotted an issue with her taking the blame to save Gary.

Gary and Maria were stunned

@asdfgh3458 said: “But isn’t Garys DNA gonna be on Ricks body when its dug up? And who is gonna believe that Laura could haul Ricks body up and down the street at least Gary has a van. And what even would be Laura’s motive and why would she confess?

“Surely the police will find Gary’s DNA on Rick’s body & no trace of Laura’s!!” @LyndseyFitz commented.

@JAPC72 echoed: “ary’s DNA will be all over him when he’s dug up.”

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