ITV Coronation Street fans point out issue with Adam and Lydia plot that the solicitor is missing

Coronation Street fans are watching as Adam Barlow’s life is being pulled apart piece by piece by the soap’s newcomer Lyda Chambers.

The character first arrived in Weatherfield in December and fast forward a few months and she’s managed to get between Adam and his wife Sarah, as well as now risking his job.

Sarah was left distraught last week after discovering husband Adam had been cheating on her with her new friend – or so she claimed.

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As Corrie viewers actually know, Adam hasn’t been cheating and Lydia has been planting evidence in a bid to set him up as she seeks revenge on her former university flame.

During Friday night’s trip to Weatherfield, fans saw Adam pay Lydia a visit after finding out where she lived from Daniel Osbourne who briefly dated her when she arrived on the soap last year.

As he knocked on her door and pleaded with her to speak to him, she was already plotting her next move and landed Adam in trouble with the police.

Lydia finally let Adam into her home to find it had been trashed with his tormentor acting frightened with her phone clutched in her hand but as Adam went to call the police himself, he turned to see an officer making his way through the door as Lydia once again pretended to be distressed by Adam’s behaviour.

Lydia trashed her own flat before framing Adam

She was soon telling the police that Adam had been threatening her as she had come clean to his wife about their affair and after trying to claim his innocence, was arrested and taken to the police station for questioning.

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Then, during Sunday night’s episode, Corrie viewers saw Lydia breaking the news of Adam’s arrest to Sarah and Carla Barlow.

Adam was eventually brought home by Daniel and the pair headed to the Rovers Return where the solicitor appeared to want to drown his sorrows.

But not only was he arrested and still faces being charged, he was also reported to the authority who regulate people in his trade and faces being struck off as a solicitor.

Corrie fans, however, have pointed out some major issues that Adam is missing to be able to prove his innocence.

@elvisrealmadridxhafa said: “Come on, his finger prints are nowhere near any of these! It’s so obvious that she’s lying! She ain’t even good at it.”

“Very disappointed in flawed storyline. Adam is a solicitor and it never crossed his mind that the police could not find his finger prints in the flat and he had no gloves with him,” @marniefagan pointed out.

@paulnaudo commented: “This story is off the scale stupid!! Why didn’t Adam insist on them checking for finger prints.”

“Absolutely ridiculous! Surely the police will have to dust for fingerprints and should see none of his are there,” jaleesa_rcd wrote.

Adam was questioned by the police

@mickynoname1 tweeted: “#Corrie Strange how the wonderful Corrie police confirm that Adams IP address was used for sending messages after they investigated, yet didn’t check the wrecked flat for fingerprints and Adam as a Solicitor would have insisted on that.”

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However, @GregDav94758992 pointed out: “He was wearing gloves when he went to Lydia’s so checking for fingerprints wouldn’t have proven anything… #corrie.”

But that wasn’t all.

@Haleb_4_ever commented: “You know half of these “crimes” in soaps, would all be solved in 0.5 seconds, if police ACTUALLY did their job and checked the “crime scene” for CCTV and fingerprinrs, etc… #Corrie.”

“I’m guessing there has to be CCTV near her flat? They’ll surely see him casually standing there ffs #corrie #coronationstreet,” @vipsujusica tweeted.

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