ITV Coronation Street fans left feeling a bit icky after raunchy Tim and Sally ‘cringefest’

She’s been gone a while as Sally Dynevor took a break from the cobbles to appear on Dancing On Ice, but her soap star character Sally Metcalfe is back. Sally returned to Weatherfield during scenes aired during Coronation Street on Friday night (March 25) having been away to see her sister de ella Gina shortly after her husband Tim was home having had a triple heart bypass.

The Street Cars owner was banned from bedroom antics while he recovered. But him and wife Sally struggled to keep their hands off each other, much to horror of Tim’s mum Elaine who moved in to help look after her son de ella.

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Prior to Sally’s return, Tim was seen chatting with pal Steve McDonald about his struggles.

“I’ve got a meeting with the cardiologist tomorrow, I’m hoping that he’s going to lift the ban,” he said.

“Yeah when I had the operation, he said that me and Sally had to refrain from intimacy until I got the ‘all clear’. Total abstinence.”

“All intimacy? Even self-intimacy?,” Steve asked, to which Tim replied: “Oh yeah. It’s way too risky. Crazy, isn’t it?”

Steve added: “Oh, Tracey’s a very demanding woman, she wouldn’t stand for that.”

Sally and Tim were reunited

“Well, Sally’s a pretty passionate and all – she put me on a timer. I’m simmering, man,” Tim replied.

“I’m telling you, as soon as I get the nod from the head chef, I’m gonna be cooking on gas… if you know what I mean.”

When Sally returned home, she realized she was a day early and that they had 24 hours to go until Tim’s cardiology appointment.

The pair struggled to keep their hands off each other. Sally tried to put her foot down and steer clear of funny business.

Just as they almost gave in to their desires – in the family kitchen, Elaine walked in and gave them a telling off.

Some Coronation Street fans found it all a bit too much.

Tim tried to convince Sally to break the ban

@nikitaannicexo tweeted: “I’m sorry but Tim and Sally are an absolutecringe fest on tonight’s episode #Corrie.”

“Oh god – just ew,” @FieldPat replied with a sick face emoji.

@HausofBox commented: “Sally and Tim are making me feel nauseous! #Corrie.”

“This Sally & Tim thing is making me sick #Corrie,” @Arlene_HWycombe said.

@kellycrumpton94 wrote: “Honestly cringing over Tim and Sally. They’re like a randy pair of teenagers #coronationstreet #corrie.”

“Tim and Sally’s scenes tonight went beyond being cringy, what on earth were the script writers on? #CoronationStreet #corrie,” @HawthorneAcre added.

Others were quick to defend the saucy scenes and thanked the ITV soap for bringing back a bit of ‘Carry On’ humour.

They were caught by a disapproving Elaine

@KateCrosby1 said: “Tim and Sally are hilarious on #coronationstreet their chemistry is [fire emoji] #Run.”

“Hope the writers are finally bringing some comedy back to the scripts. We’ve missed it for so long,” @jjonnic tweeted.

@moore95_pamela shared: “Oooh I say! Tim & Sally sound like they’ve been watching Carry On films #Corrie.”

“Tim and Sally acting dirty I love it #Corrie,” @RyanGTweetsTV commented.

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