ITV Coronation Street fans figure out Abi’s mystery helper as they predict paternity twist for baby Alfie


Coronation Street fans think they know exactly who Abi Franklin’s mystery helper is. There were tears for the mechanic during Wednesday night’s trip to the cobbles (May 4) as she discovered the fate of her baby son de ella in her custody battle with Imran Habeeb.

The pair went to battle in court over their son, who was born premature earlier this year after Abi went into labor at the side of a road after a drug binge with no idea that she was pregnant. It soon unraveled that the former drug addict, who had relapsed following the breakdown of her relationship with husband Kevin Webster, became pregnant following a one-night stand with Imran in September.

The pair sought comfort in each other following the murder trial for the death of her beloved son Seb Franklin which at that point saw Kelly Neelan, who was in Imran and then-girlfriend Toyah Battersby’s care, get sent down for murder after his unsuccessful attempts to clear her name.

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With Imran and Toyah now married, and Abi without a legal representative, the new mum was becoming increasingly worried about her chances. But in a show of support, Kevin agreed to go with her to the custody hearing. Before she left for the big decision, there was a surprise for Abi as her former lawyer, Elliot, showed up.

He told her that he’d be representing her again despite Abi’s money from Imran running out. When he quizzed how he is being paid, he said he was told he had to keep it quiet and Kevin quickly refuted that it was him. And Corrie viewers believe they know exactly who the mystery benefactor is.

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@Wee_Westie29 tweeted: “I think Kelly helped Abi by giving her some of Rick’s money or it was Toyah. #Corrie #CoronationStreet @itvcorrie,” while @floweroflondon confidently said: “Kelly paid I reckon #Corrie.”

Kelly got a load of cash when she found out her dad had died

“Well done Kelly that was a very kind gesture #Corrie,” @RyanGTweetsTV wrote as @GrocottJanice commented: “That’s got to be Kelly #Corrie.”

Earlier in the episode, Kelly overheard Abi talking to Roy about the upcoming custody hearing and the fact that it is a year since Seb and his girlfriend Nina Lucas were attacked in a horrific hate crime. She then went over to Abi and told her that she’d talk to Imran and put him straight over the bottle of morphine Abi had in her possession, which was actually hers as she struggled with her mum, Laura, falsely admitting to killing her dad of her, Rick.

In the wake of her parent’s death, Kelly inherited a lot of money and when new guardian Gary Windass was cleared Rick’s old house, they discovered a rucksack of £17,000 in cash. Kelly did not appear to want to put the money in the bank and she was later seen walking off with it and getting on the tram with no sign or mention of it since.

Later, as Imran and Abi faced the judge, a smarmy Imran claimed Abi was back on drugs and was an unfit mother, aided by his spy, Ben, who also appeared and lied to the court. The judge, despite questioning his moral compass, awarded Imran custody with Abi only allowed to visit baby Aflie once a week under supervision once he is released from hospital.

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In emotional scenes, Abi was seen in hospital stroking her son’s head as she told him she would always be there for him and it left fans demanding justice for the still grieving mother.

Abi went to see baby Aflie after the judge made their decision

But some Corrie viewers still think their will be a paternity twist and that Alfie isn’t Imran’s after all. @fredmcc tweeted: “Looking forward to when Abi, Imran, Kevin & Toyah all find out little Alfie is actually Kevin’s son #Corrie.”

“I really hope Kevin turns out to be Alfie’s dad can’t wait to see the back of Imran and take Toyah with him #Corrie,” @NathanTucker18 said.

@GeorgiaBowring also argued: “#Corrie I’m calling it now! Kevin is Alfie’s dad. I would have thought, before the custody case starts, a DNA test would need to be done, and if I’m not mistaken, neither Abi or Imran have ordered a DNA test?”


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