ITV Coronation Street fans disappointed by ‘new version’ of Peter Barlow after hospital error

Coronation Street fans have shared their dismay at the ‘new version’ of Peter Barlow after he vowed to get revenge on Mr Thorne once again. The recovering alcoholic has been enraged this week in the ITV soap after discovering the surgeon sped up his life-saving operation last year to win a bet.

Peter and his wife Carla were disgusted when nurse Aggie Bailey informed them of Mr Thorne’s behavior before another manager told Peter that not only did the well-respected doctor finish his operation in record time, but that he had also taken a selfie with his old liver in the operating theater which he then shared with a colleague in a WhatsApp chat with the vile message ‘anyone for foie gras?’

Despite Carla and his dad Ken’s best efforts to calm him down, Peter couldn’t just sit back and wait for the hospital investigation to make a decision. So later, an angry Peter declared that he was going to put a stop to his abuse of power by him and later found Mr Thorne in a hotel restaurant.

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He demanded an apology but the surgeon wound him up with his attitude in front of his high-brow friend and other diners who were watching on aghast. But Peter snapped and ended up punching Mr Thorne just as the police came through the doors leading to him being arrested and later charged at the station with assault.

But during Wednesday night’s visit to Weatherfield, the story took another dark turn when, on behalf of Peter, Carla tried to make amends with Mr Thorne. But as she pleaded for him to have mercy on her husband de ella she was shocked when he asked her to dinner. After saying no to the date of her, she reluctantly she gave him her number on the basis he could call her as he considered dropping the charges against Peter.

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Then, Mr Thorne ended up meeting with Peter where he offered him a deal: He would drop the police charges against him if he withdrew his complaint at the hospital. Peter initially refused but the surgeon claimed he was planning to retire anyway and would bring his plans forward.

The pair struck a deal

Reluctantly, Peter agreed and after finding out he was no longer under investigation with the police, he headed to the hospital to withdraw his complaint when he bumped into his new sworn enemy with a box of his belongings after being granted immediate retirement. However, later at the Bistro Mr Thorne was seen celebrating his retirement from him when he actually revealed he was off to start up a new position in the United States leaving Peter furious.

After being forced by Carla to keep his cool, back at home Peter was horrified to see a text message flash up from Mr Thorne on Carla’s phone telling her he looked forward to their dinner and he angrily asked Carla: “What did you offer him in exchange?” And as she tried to explain he said angrily: “He thought he could get into your pants.”

And Corrie viewers were soon taking to social media to share their thoughts on Peter, and the actor who plays him Chris Gascyone’s, current storyline. @Pickitflickit tweeted: “I have no idea who this version of Peter Barlow is. He seems to be a completely different character. #Corrie Just let the dodgy doctor go abroad!”

@Jamal06122771 said: “And this is Peter Barlow’s new storyline? Harassing a Doctor, who is leaving Weatherfield General to go and practice state side? #Corrie #coronationstreet.”

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“What ac***py storyline with Peter and the surgeon bloke blimey that’s 2 hours of Corrie wasted this week! #Corrie,” @Paulusdmc42 commented.

But others disagreed as @LoveChrisandAli shared: “For me #Corrie is 10x more interesting when Carla and Peter are at the forefront #justsayin,” and @xxAlicia89 tweeted: “Loving all these Peter and Carla scenes this week #Corrie.”

Peter confronted Mr Thorne again

Elsehwere, Corrie fans were quick to point out what they believed to be an error in the storyline when Peter saw Mr Thorne clearing his desk in the hospital. @busby4868 said: “How would a Dr who’s being investigated be allowed in the hospital just doesn’t happen .#Corrie.”

“Why is that doctor still at the hospital? Is he still working while being investigated? #Corrie,” @ElaineWharton1 asked. @SnackByteso1 commented: “Is the Dr who’s been suspended from hospital back at the hospital again? And Carla was waiting on the off chance he’ll be there? Fair enough #corrie.”

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