ITV Coronation Street fans call out Sarah Barlow as she forgets own past

Dedicated Coronation Street fans are not ones to forget the past and are quick to call out characters on their double standards when they seemingly forget their own wrongdoings. Just a few weeks ago viewers of the ITV soap were fuming with Kevin Webster after he made a reappearance and was seen with wife Abi at the hospital as she waited for news on her baby son, Alfie, after giving birth at 28 weeks following her surprise pregnancy.

Kevin made it clear that he was unable to forgive her for cheating on him and passed on seeing her new son in Weatherfield General’s NICU.

But viewers were quick to call out Kevin over his ‘double standards’ as he himself has a track record for being a love cheat – and even pointing out that his son Jack was a result of an affair he had with Molly Dobbs, the wife of Tyrone, behind his then-wife Sally’s back.

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The latest person to be reminded of their past was Sarah Barlow after she overheard her ex Gary Windass talking to Kelly Neelan in the street. The former loan shark was trying to get the teen to go and see her dying mum Laura who was about to appear in court to admit to being guilty of killing her husband, and Kelly’s dad, Rick.

Kelly, however, wasn’t having any of it and told Gary she wanted her mum to be carted off to prison and spend her final days in a cell. As viewers know, Laura was n’t responsible for killing Rick and has only confessed to prevent Gary, who killed the gangster in self-defence back in 2019-from going to prison and being able to look after her daughter de ella alongside wife Maria .

During Wednesday night’s trip to the cobbles, Sarah collared Gary after hearing the news about Laura and reminded him that she knows the truth and that he shouldn’t be letting Laura take the blame.

Gary tried to explain to Sarah

And Sarah’s comments clearly got to Gary as he later told Maria that he was going to confess to killing Rick. However, the episode ended with Maria getting Gary to change his mind and begging him not to tear their family apart.

Over on social media, Corrie fans were pointing out how Sarah can’t take the moral high ground due to her being involved in covering up the murder of her ex, and the father of her son, Callum Logan.

Sarah’s then-sister-in-law Kylie Platt killed Callum in 2015 when she walked in on him attacking Sarah. Callum’s body was then buried under 8 Coronation Street’s annex by Kylie and David Platt and the murder was blamed on Jason Grimshaw’s late father, Tony Stewart, after the manhole covering Callum’s body collapsed in 2016.

So viewers were quick to mention it.

Sarah told Gary he should get Laura to retract her statement

@_mariekx tweeted: “Shut up Sarah, you know Callum’s body is buried under Gail’s bedroom floor! Hypocrite!! #corrie.”

“Does Gary know about the body under Sarah’s floorboards ?? She can hardly take the moral high ground #Corrie,” @joy9kat said.

@DionPetrie commented: “Are you going to tell Harry about his dad Sarah #Corrie.”

“Maybe Gary should remind Sarah about Callum… then tell her to f**k off #Corrie,” @itzzzo_ fumed.

@MeeshyJay asked: “Didn’t Sarah play a part in killing her ex a few years back?#Corrie.”

“Welp! They remembered Sarah Louise knew Gary killed Rick. #Corrie,” @bredrew2 added.

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