‘It’s your son and me. Enjoy’: vile man sent ex-boyfriend’s mother sex videos of him in revenge

A 35-year-old man stole from his ex-boyfriend, then sent explicit videos of the couple to his ex-lover’s mother and brother.

On December 5, 2020, Jonathan Nolan broke into the victim’s home and stole clothes, leaving a child witness terrified.

Jonathon also sent cryptic messages referencing a vinyl record that may have been stolen in the robbery, before sending intimate images to the victim’s family members leaving them “distressed”.

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He sent a video to the victim’s mother with the message: “It’s your son and me. Enjoy.”

Jonathon Nolan had been in a relationship with his ex for about 18 months before they split, The ECHO reports.

Paul Wood, a prosecutor, told Liverpool Crown Court: “The victim went to bed around 10.30pm Around midnight he was woken up by one of his friend’s sons and told that Mr Nolan had just left the address. He stand up. Various belongings were stolen.

Nolan received a suspended sentence for theft and disclosure of private sexual images.
Nolan received a suspended sentence for theft and disclosure of private sexual images.

In the early hours of December 6, he received a message from Mr. Nolan, who wrote that he needed to listen to a particular record in order to sleep.

The court heard that the song Nolan was referring to was thought to be among a number of records stolen in the earlier robbery, or previously taken from the victim by Nolan.

On December 6, the victim’s mother woke up to find that the defendant had sent her explicit recordings of Nolan and her son via WhatsApp.

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Two videos had been sent to him, along with the message: “It’s your son and me. Enjoy.”

She told police the clips “caused her some distress.”

Wood said: “He immediately deleted the messages and called his son to tell him he had received them.”

The court heard that the images were only sent to the victim’s mother and brother and that they were both aware of her relationship with Nolan.

The 35-year-old man was arrested on December 10 and admitted to sending revenge porn but initially denied the theft.

He appeared in court today after finally admitting to a robbery offense as well as revealing private sexual images with the intent to cause distress.

The victim spoke about the impact Nolan’s crimes had on him in a statement shared with the court.

He said: “Jonathon Nolan sending explicit images and videos to my family members has made me feel extremely embarrassed, upset, stressed and anxious.”

The court heard a victim statement also submitted by the owner of the house Nolan broke into.

She said the robbery had caused her family, including the daughter who saw Nolan at the property, such distress that they had now moved house.

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Nolan, formerly of Stanley Road in Bootle but now living in Cheshire, had five previous convictions for six offences, including assaulting an emergency worker, for which he received a 20-week suspended sentence.

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Wood said the crimes he appeared in court for meant he breached that sentence.

Simon Christie, defense attorney, said his client’s crimes followed the collapse of a relationship in which Nolan was “the victim of a long-term abusive arrangement.”

He said Nolan should have left but wanted to “recover some items of property”, adding: “He thought he had a right to them and took them.”

Nolan’s Whatsapp messages were described as ‘stupid bad stuff’

Of the WhatsApp messages, Christie said: “That was a bad and stupid thing to do.”

He said Nolan had been addicted to ketamine before, but had gotten over it since December 2020 and, in that time, made significant progress, including finding a new stable home and a job.

Mr. Christie concluded: “In my opinion, the court can withdraw from immediate custody…he has put that time to good use, effectively changing his life and becoming a useful and productive member of society.”

In sentencing Nolan, the judge, David Potter, said: “I accept that the relationship and the breakdown of that relationship was marked by abuse in a domestic setting that was directed at you and had a serious effect on you.”

He said the robbery had a “significant” impact on those who lived in the house and that the revenge porn offense “caused the family extreme distress, embarrassment and discomfort, but fortunately did not spread beyond the victim’s immediate family.” .

Referring to the progress made by Nolan, who had not committed any more crimes since he was sentenced today, he said he had decided “by a very narrow margin” not to send him to jail.

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Nolan was sentenced to 11 months in prison, suspended for two years, and ordered to complete 15 days of rehabilitation activity and 120 hours of unpaid work. He was also the subject of a curfew and a restraining order.

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