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When the coffin with the body of Verónica Forqué left the Spanish Theater in Madrid at four in the afternoon this Wednesday, two hundred people applauded for several minutes. At that time, followers of the actress, friends, colleagues (on the sidewalk you could see actresses like Mona Martínez or directors like Félix Sabroso) and the press were mixed, and rage, sadness and adoration were superimposed on the palms. . The burning chapel of Forqué, who died on December 13, installed in the main room of the building in the Plaza de Santa Ana, had served for five hours, since its opening at 11.00 in the morning, as an altar for one of the Spanish actresses of greater talent and popularity, until his remains were transferred to the El Escorial funeral home to be cremated in an intimate ceremony.

On the theater stage, the closed coffin, with a large bouquet of white flowers from the Spanish theater; In the background, on a screen, portraits of the actress were projected. Behind, forming a crescent, various crowns and chairs so that whoever went up to show their respect could sit. Bouquets were piled up in the footlights. In the lobby, a black and white photo with a large cross also made of white flowers. There he received the artistic director of the Spanish Theater and the Naves de Matadero in Madrid, Natalia Menéndez. On the second floor, in a private room, María Forqué, her only daughter, surrounded by friends and family. During the whole morning at least half of the stalls were always occupied with those who paid homage to the one who won four Goya awards, television broke with Pepa and Pepe and he triumphed in the theater.

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Pedro Almodóvar, at the entrance to the Spanish Theater.
Pedro Almodóvar, at the entrance to the Spanish Theater.JUAN BARBOSA

At 11 in the morning there was already a queue of 70 people. In it, Paco León, Beatriz Rico and the dressmaker Elena Benarroch. León assured that he was coming to “give the family a hug and say goodbye.” “Verónica had joy and sensitivity. And joy is one of the most beautiful gifts you can have, and she had it, “he added. At three in the afternoon, León returned with his mother, Carmina Barrios, who was carrying a huge bouquet of red roses. Just after, without almost anyone noticing them, a couple of actresses went unnoticed in front of the cameras at a rapid pace: Maribel Verdú and Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, arm in arm, came out excitedly covered in masks. The protection measures against the coronavirus led to the anonymity of the visits.

The Minister of Culture and Sports, Miquel Iceta, leaving the burning chapel.
The Minister of Culture and Sports, Miquel Iceta, leaving the burning chapel.JUAN BARBOSA

All the culture that goes with you awaits you here.


Other very affected colleagues could not speak much to the press: Susi Sánchez, María Barranco (hugging Cristina Almeida), Elisa Matilla, the singer Massiel … Mariano Barroso, president of the Film Academy, pointed out: “She is an actress who he hid the pain he was carrying, like a sad clown. I can only convey the affection and respect of the world of cinema ”. Around one o’clock in the afternoon the Almodóvar brothers, Pedro and Agustín arrived, with whom Forqué worked on three films. “It was all light. I am here to remember her in this most fitting place. I understand that it attracts so many generations because it was wonderful ”, said Pedro Almodóvar. On the actress’s situation in recent times, he added: “She is not the Veronica that I knew. The one I remember was very happy, a very good person and an incredible comic actress. Veronica cared for everyone, she had such a rich spiritual life that it is incredible that she had this ending. I couldn’t imagine an ending like this for her. He reminded me of Chus Lampreave [fallecida en 2016], because as she kept the innocence of childhood. She adored her brother, who died a few years ago. Time has not treated her well emotionally ”. Shortly after, Antonio Resines, Juan Diego, Charo López and José Luis Gómez entered, devastated. Outside, more than a hundred journalists and as many curious people, a circus that would have served as a worthy inspiration to the comedies of the eighties with which Forqué marked the Spanish soul with fire.

“An attention call”

The actor Carmelo Gómez stressed that Forqué is “a myth”, and about his death that “it is a call to reflection and a detail of the world in which we live”. Behind him, Juan Echanove, who did not have the strength to stop either. Your partner in the popular series Pepa and Pepe, Tito Valverde, could only say, due to the emotion, that “he was a great person”. Through that entrance of the Spanish Theater, it was also possible to see actors such as Fele Martínez, Juan Ribó, Carlos Hipólito, Jorge Calvo, Pablo Carbonell, Silvia Marsó, Vicky Peña, Marta Nieto (“It is not fair that this final memory of her remains”, commented the actress) or Antonia San Juan; to film directors such as Pau Durá, Manuel Gómez Pereira, Juan Luis Iborra or Jaime Chávarri, to the screenwriter Yolanda García Serrano, to the theater directors David Serrano and Mario Gas … from his last stage in MasterChef Celebrity, Companions such as the dressmaker Eduardo Navarrete passed by, for whom Forqué had paraded on November 29. The chef Pepe Rodríguez, one of the judges of MasterChef, He confessed: “I was waiting for him to come to my restaurant. In the program we have laughed with her a lot. It is an angel who will be in heaven; I have not met anyone like it ”. An hour later another of the judges from MasterChef, Samantha Vallejo-Nágera.

Visitors to the burning chapel of the actress Verónica Forqué.
Visitors to the burning chapel of the actress Verónica Forqué.JUAN BARBOSA

Politics were the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, and her Minister of Culture, Marta Rivera de la Cruz. Díaz Ayuso recalled that the actress collaborated with the regional Executive both through the Teatros del Canal and in other activities. “It is a loss for all Madrilenians. Madrid loses a lot for its quality as an actress and especially as a person “, said the Madrid president, who recalled her” humility, sincerity and smile “along with her way of” always trying to please “. A little later, the director of the Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts, Beatriz Navas Valdés; the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, and the deputy mayor, Begoña Villacís (entered separately and attended to the press separately), and a large group of socialist deputies from the Congress of Deputies and the Madrid Assembly. After one-thirty in the afternoon, the Minister of Culture and Sports, Miquel Iceta, arrived: “There was a great variety of records. I join his career to that of Almodóvar ”, he said.

Portrait of Verónica Forqué in the lobby of the Spanish Theater.
Portrait of Verónica Forqué in the lobby of the Spanish Theater.JUAN BARBOSA

Along with all of them, there was another generation, much younger, who met the actress as the mother of María Forqué, an artist with a controversial and striking career and linked to the performances, a group led by Álex de la Croix, an activist queer and companion of adventures of Maria. In the Plaza de Santa Ana, in front of the main façade of the Español, someone put a farewell letter to Verónica Forqué to Federico García Lorca’s stature and a huge poster with a fragment of Doña Rosita the single —The last work by the Granada-born man that he saw performed before his assassination and a drama that Forqué starred in—, specifically the poem about the changeable rose which ends with these verses: “And when the night touches / soft metal horn / and the stars advance / while the air leaves, / in the dark line, / it begins to defoliate”.


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