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The Sanhedrín of El Larguero analyzed together with Julio Pulido, Santi Giménez and Gustavo López the matches of the weekend. Real Madrid will face Real Sociedad, Barça will face Betis and Atlético de Madrid will host Mallorca.

Real Madrid will seek to establish itself in Anoeta

Carlo Ancelotti’s men face some very difficult days, as they will chain matches against rivals such as Real Sociedad, Inter Milan and Atlético de Madrid. The first test will be in San Sebastián and no large rotations are foreseen despite the bad feelings and the accumulated fatigue that several players could carry. Julio Pulido was in charge of clarifying the situation and explaining what Ancelotti will do with the line-ups.

The Whites’ game against Athletic was not good …

“Yes, it left us all in doubt. Madrid are not in their best version, but they win when they play well, regularly and sometimes poorly. He left us doubts, but ended up winning the match. Without doing a round football, he is leading. If he wins tomorrow, he gets ten points away ”.

Do you see teams like Real Sociedad in the ointment to fight LaLiga?

“I have doubts that Real and Sevilla end up being rivals. Playing football well that is the difference with respect to Madrid. What he is doing has a lot of merit, but he lacks that point that the greats have ”.

Do you think rotations are essential in a match like this?

“Rotating is that the three from midfield, or the centrals, or Benzema and Vinicius do not play. Changing the rest is not rotating. Another problem that Ancelotti may have is unhooking the substitutes ”.

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What can happen if Ancelotti does not make changes?

“You run the risk that the second unit will disengage and they will not feel how important they should be in a squad with the demands of Real Madrid and all the games it has.”

Barça will face Betis in a crucial test

Xavi’s men will face Betis in the third game of the world champion at the controls of the Blaugrana bench in the league. Against them, Betis led by Mauricio Pellegrini and who will try to stay in the European positions. FC Barcelona for its part will try to reengage, since it has no margin for error. Santi Giménez analyzed the meeting.

Why is Xavi embarrassed by the term ‘flower’?

“There is a flower, but all the great ones have a flower. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Only with luck you don’t win, there is also work ”.

Is Dembélé better than Mbappé as Laporta says?

“It is not known why no one has seen Dembélé. At the moment, Mbappé is simply better because he plays. Dembélé has not been at Barça for 15 days, he has been 4 years. It seems to me that the heads of one and the other are completely different furnished ”.

Do you think Dembélé will renew?

“I think that when Laporta and Xavi say they want him to stay they are honest, however, the offer that FC Barcelona can make will be downward. All the chips are on the side of no follow. I give it up for lost ”.

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Should Barça risk the return of Ansu Fati for the Champions League match?

“I think that if there was an option to risk, I would risk. Ansu must be so bad that you have to be very careful. He is not even for the last ten minutes against Bayern ”.

How important is it for FC Barcelona to go to the group stage?

“More than the sports issue, you have to go through the economic issue. In LaLiga, Barça cannot choose games to rest because they have no margin ”.

An Atlético with rotations will seek the three points against Mallorca

With casualties like those of Giménez, Carrasco or Trippier, those of Cholo Simeone will face a Mallorca in low hours. All of this with an eye toward the end of the year, in which Atlético will have four games in a row away from home, including Porto and Real Madrid. Gustavo López stopped by El Larguero to explain the keys in this very complicated period.

Rotations at Atlético with the Champions in sight …

“In Champions you play a lot as a club as an institution and as a dressing room. Players who do not have so many minutes have the opportunity to demonstrate and help the team in this type of game. “

How do you see Matheus Cunha? Do you think it will have more prominence in the future?

“The few minutes he has had, he has done really well. Cunha gave up every time he came out. That speaks of the desire that the boy has to contribute, that’s why I say that in this type of game the coaches look at the attitude a lot ”.

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Joao returns and there will be rest for Luis Suárez …

“The more players are plugged in, the better. There are many top players on the right foot. For Luis Suárez to be important you must have him within the area. He was never a player to go on the counterattack with a low block ”.


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