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Real Madrid have their homework done in the Champions League, but they will fight to avoid the ‘cocos’ being first in the group. Atlético will play it life or death against Porto. The Sanhedrin of footballers, with Kiko Narváez, Álvaro Benito, Gustavo López and Raúl Ruiz analyze all the keys in El Larguero.

Real Madrid, without Benzema

Real Madrid will seek to pass as first with an important absence: that of Karim Benzema. The Frenchman was injured during the match against Real Sociedad.

Álvaro Benito: “You have to do your homework this year. There are times when all the coconuts are more distributed, but not this year. You have to make sure, go for a draw. The feelings are unbeatable. Let’s see if Benzema’s absence it doesn’t do all the damage it should. ”

“It is surprising that Jovic has performed well: when you have not competed for so long, it is difficult for you to be in good shape. Also because of the confidence in order to have minutes in games that are important.”

Antoni Daimiel: “The feeling of control and security that Madrid has is the most important thing to face a game in which few things have to happen. If the three in the center of the field have to play, then let them play, but it is important to ensure the first place. All the ‘coconuts’ are going to be first “.

Axel Torres: “Ancelotti has Camavinga and Valverde, two good elements for that area and the rotations. But the team is very good. I understand that they keep repeating eleven. With every eleven that he repeats, he sends the message of taking his rival very seriously. Between Militao and praise how they have made Ramos and Varane forget it is spectacular. ”

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Barça’s first defeat with Xavi

Betis were the first rival to beat Barça since Xavi’s arrival in the dressing room.

Gustavo López: “Beyond the fact that a myth has come to Barça, he has a long way to go. Beyond recovering people, he has a lot of work to do, removing the style and whatever he wants to propose. There are many things that do not work: the defensive lines, go up to pressure … For me there is a player who is not working for him: it is Memphis. He wants it to vascularize the opposing defensive line, but he delays and makes what Xavi wants. . This is not going to get it from one day to the next. “

Raúl Ruiz: “I don’t see Barça beating Bayern. We know that this is football and anything can happen, but what we have seen does not invite us to think about this. For me they have the worst squad in recent years. I don’t think so they have a squad to be among the top 4. It’s a squad for the future with players who look good, but today … “.

Kiko Narváez: “It happens to me that I see many players from other teams who could be starters at Barça: Isak, Merino, Canales … Other years this was unthinkable at Barça.”

Atlético, against the ropes

Atlético faces a final against Porto tomorrow. Simeone’s men will have to win and score one more goal than MIlan if the Italians beat Liverpool.

Álvaro Benito: “Atlético has the most complicated scheme because it doesn’t depend on itself: it can play a great game and still not pass.”

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Kiko Narváez: “Everyone trusts Cholo. There were many expectations with the squad, but the team does not identify with any idea.”

Gustavo López: “El Cholo has won that they do not question him. It is understandable that the fan is disappointed by the performance.”

Aspas takes off his shirt to force the 5th yellow

Iago Aspas saw a yellow during the game against Valencia after scoring a goal and noticing discomfort. The Celta striker thus accumulates 5 yellows. Will he be penalized with more games for it?

Gustavo Lopez: “Celta has a clear idea, but it hasn’t just turned out like last year. They are making too many mistakes.”

Iturralde González: “There was a precedent with Hugo Guillamón in which he entered ex officio. Now in Spain it is possible to enter ex officio to put more penalties on him.”


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