“It is not convenient to frivolize with the stability of the Government”

The Minister for Territorial Policy and Government Spokesperson, Elizabeth Rodriguezhas reiterated this Thursday that the Executive “has nothing to hide” regarding the alleged espionage independence leaders through the system pegasus and has thus responded to the threat of the Catalan president, Pere Aragonesto withdraw ERC support for the Government in Parliament if it does not assume responsibilities: “It is not convenient to frivolize the stability of the country and the Government”.

In an interview in The Hour of TVE 1the minister stressed that the stability of the government has been translated into progress very important for people’s lives” such as the rlabor reform, pension reform or have budgets annual.

“There are so many challenges that lie ahead and so much difficulty that we have had to manage, that it is convenient not to frivolize this, which is the stability of our country and the stability of the Government, because We have no other objective than to give tranquility and stability to the lives of the Spanish”has sentenced.

Asked if the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and Aragonès have spoken in the last few hoursas the ‘president’ has assured in an interview on the SER chain this Thursday, has said:

conversations are open in all areas and departments”, assured the minister, who has indicated that Sánchez is holding talks with all the regional presidents, “especially with that of Catalonia”. “Our desire is to maintain this dialogue (…) We do not want to throw everything back and forth in vain, which is highly valued by Catalan society.”

Highlights “Sánchez’s effort” for Catalonia and asks “not to break trust”

Rodriguez has pointed out that the Executive has demonstrated “more than and with concrete facts” that he wanted the situation in Catalonia to be “dejudicialized” and get back on the “political track” to resolve the conflict. “That is why we have that endorsement from the facts against assumptions. The facts show that the Government gave unequivocal signs of where it wanted relations to go”, he has sentenced.

The Government spokesperson has highlighted, however, the “effort” of the Catalan presidentas well as that of his own Executive, to “return tranquility and recover normality to Catalan society” and recover “the political path, for which the Government has made so much effort”. Therefore, he has stressed that “the effort of the Government of Sánchez is verifiable to guarantee coexistence and recover dialogue in Catalonia”, thanks to which, the “important” thing is that now the “Catalan reality” is not that of 2019 or 2017, he added.

However, he stressed that it is “necessary to make an effort” to “not break trust” and has ensured that the Executive “is willing to do it.” “The Government wants to continue in this relationship of trust, normality, dialogue and conversation with no other objective than to restore normalcy for the Catalans in a time of difficulty”.


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