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The Copa del Rey draw has already distributed the first joys of the competition in the form of confrontations of visits from First teams to the most modest of our football. Xavi Hernández’s FC Barcelona was not in that draw due to his presence in the Super Cup, although it is still news due to the proximity of his new coach’s debut and the arrival of Dani Alves. All this and much more is reviewed by Jesús Gallego together with the SER Sports team on # ConexionGallego, the Thursday program on Cadena SER’s Twitch channel.

Barça and the national team, communicating vessels

Sique Rodríguez, after collecting the Ondas Award for ‘Què t’hi jugues!’, Went to # ConexionGallego to analyze the news of Barça. Although the team is not well, Rodríguez is aware of the potential that the culé squad has thanks to Gavi, Ansu Fati and company. That potential would not only favor the culé club, but also national football. “Spain is interested in Barça improving and winning titles. It will be good for the national team,” said Sique Rodríguez.

Regarding Xavi’s imminent debut next Saturday against him Espanyol, the journalist confesses that there can be no rush with the results, recalling the difficult beginnings of Guardiola. Another of the parallels with that time of Barça was the commitment to young people, although it seems that Sergio Busquets will continue to be the conductor. “Araújo and Eric García really like Xavi. We’ll see what Piqué plays. Busquets is his extension in the field, “explained Rodríguez, adding that Memphis, key with Koeman, could have problems entering the dynamic if” he does not change his way of playing.

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Another of the veterans who were important with Guardiola and comes to revitalize Barça is Dani Alves, who surprised his own and strangers by returning to Barça when his retirement is near. Despite this, Sique Rodríguez has faith in the role he will have on his return: “Alves’ messages … we will see his role, I think he is still a profitable player. He is the best full-back in the history of Barça. “In addition, he highlights the virtues that make him value the signing as a positive one. “At an economic level he has no risk, Alves charges very little I believe in the state of mind and Barça seemed depressed. He will change that “, affirmed the one of ‘Què t’hi jugues!’.

The Copa del Rey draw

The magic of the Cup was once again evident with today’s draw, pairing humble clubs with those of the First Division. One of those who took the jackpot was CFI Alicante, who will face Betis. Jose Antonio Peral, player of the Alicante club, went to # ConexionGallego to analyze the clash and a format that Gallego thinks is an “absolute success” of the Royal Spanish Football Federation.

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“Yesterday we had our day and today we hit the jackpot. It’s a huge opportunity, you can rarely play against a First Division,” explained the footballer about the draw. This occasion is tremendously special, since football is not his usual practice: “I have my job, In these categories you don’t have enough to live. “As for the game, Peral is clear who he has to look for.”If we play on Wednesday it coincides with the Island of TemptationsMaybe Joaquín is on Instagram, “explained the player with a laugh.


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