Irene Montero affirms that justice has “turned its back” on Irune Costumero



Costumero case

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The Minister of Equality has shown her support for Costumero and recalled that using the parental alignment syndrome as a legal argument has been prohibited since June this year. Aitor Esteban (PNV) has criticized Irene Montero’s statements.

Irene Montero, Minister of Equality of the Spanish Government, has regretted that justice has “turned its back” on Irune Costumero by acquitting those responsible for taking custody of her daughter. In addition, he has denounced the “Judicial mistreatment against mothers who protect their sons and daughters from sexist violence”.

The Provincial Court of Bizkaia made public yesterday the sentence that has acquitted the deputy of Social Action of Bizkaia, Sergio Murillo, and three officials of the foral service for children of the crimes of prevarication, bad treatments Y psychological injuries, of those who had been accused by Costumero.

Faced with this resolution, Montero has written on his social networks that the pain of a mother who protects her sons and daughters from sexist violence is unimaginable and sees how “justice turns its back.” “All my support for Irune Costumero”, has added.

In addition, it has found that “the SAP -parental alignment syndrome, argued by the defendants to justify the withdrawal of custody of the mother-,” is prohibited by law since June “, by the new law for the protection of children.

PAS (parental alignment syndrome): It is a false pathology that is not recognized by any international medical or psychiatric institution, but that continues to be applied in judicial processes and has as a consequence the withdrawal of custody of mothers accusing them of influencing their children do not want to see their parents.

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“We need feminist justice with a clear perspective on human rights. Children must be heard. We cannot allow more judicial mistreatment against mothers who protect their sons and daughters from sexist violence,” declared the Minister of Equality.

The Costumero case in court

The Provincial Court of Bizkaia decided in 2017 that the girl should go to live with her father, denounced by Irune Costumero for sexist violence and with several procedures for mistreatment reported by the girl, despite the fact that a judge had issued a sentence of shared custody .

The defendants were facing a request for five years and six months in jail for which they have been acquitted. The sentence acquits, in the same way, the Provincial Council as a subsidiary civil liable.

Aitor Esteban criticizes Irene Montero for her support for Costumero

For his part, the PNV spokesman in Congress, Aitor Esteban, has criticized “the ideological dogmatism” of the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, for calling for “feminist justice” and accusing the courts of “turning their backs” on Irune Costumero.

Through social networks, Esteban has described the “levity and ideological dogmatism of the minister”. In his opinion, his statements only prove that “the sentence or other resolutions have not been read.”

Also, consider that Irene Montero “He does not care about the presumption of innocence of the officials” that they have been prosecuted and acquitted, “and the irreparable damage that their irresponsible words can cause.” “Not everything goes,” he warned him.


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