IPL 2022 auctioneer Hugh Edmeades collapses due to postural hypotension; all you need to know about the condition

The 2022 IPL Auction, held in Bengaluru, witnessed an unfortunate incident as the auctioneer Hugh Edmeades collapsed on the stage during the bidding. According to the officials, Edmeades fell down due to postural hypotensive when the teams were bidding for Sri Lankan all-rounder Wanindu Hasranga.

“Mr Hugh Edmeades, the IPL Auctioneer, had an unfortunate fall due to Postural Hypotension during the IPL Auction this afternoon,” the official account of the Indian Premier League tweeted. “The medical team attended him immediately after the incident and he is stable. Mr Charu Sharma will continue with the Auction proceedings today.”

As per the updates from the venue, the auctioneer is fine and suffered no internal issues.

What is postural hypotension?

According to Dr Bhupesh Kumar, neurologist, Neuro Pain and Care Clinic, Gurgaon, “Postural hypotension or orthostatic hypotension is basically a form of medical condition where the blood pressure of the patient suddenly comes down. It can result in a sudden loss of consciousness. So, patients can fall down, have a faint attack (syncope) or experience dizziness or lightheadedness.”

It takes time for patients to come back to senses after they collapse due to postural hypotension, Dr Kumar told indianexpress.com.

“When you are sitting or lying down and you suddenly get up from your position, your blood pressure may suddenly fall down leading to postural hypotension,” he added.


Postural hypotension, however, is rare and shouldn’t be a cause of concern, the expert elucidated. But, if someone experiences it regularly, then immediate medical intervention to determine the possible causes is required.

In such cases, possible reasons such as existing heart condition, hypoglycemia, dehydration, low sodium levels etc are looked upon by the doctors. “If the patient is taking some kind of medication for heart specifically, they can also induce postural hypotension,” the expert highlighted.

If it happens in a crowded environment, it is necessary to ensure that the patient is getting enough air. “You don’t need to crowd around the patient when he/she collapses because the condition will worsen if the environment is congested.”

Dr Kumar suggested the need to consult doctors immediately in case of postural hypotension so that the possible causes can be effectively ruled out.

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