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This Tuesday the International Cybersecurity Day. A day in which it is intended to raise awareness in society about the importance of taking the necessary actions to guarantee our security on the Internet and prevent third parties from endangering us. Something that is considered increasingly important, since we are part of a completely connected world in which we use the network to store all our information.

From our personal data to the financial ones. To safeguard them, it is essential to follow several steps such as developing a strong password and establishing a two-step verification, through which we will make it much more complicated for hackers. Are you one of those people who uses the same password to access all the services to which you are subscribed? If so, we recommend that you stop doing it and bet on complex, unique and private keys for each of these platforms.

How long would it take a computer to crack your password?

In this way, and although it may seem like a long and tedious process, you will prevent third parties from taking control of your accounts. Have you ever stopped to think how long it would take hackers to get hold of your password? On the Internet you can find various tools such as How secure is my password? or Kaspersky Password Checker, through which you will be able to discover the time it would take for a computer program to decode and hack your password.

After entering your password, the platform will show you how long it would take a computer to guess it. Thanks to this tool, which will not share your password with third parties, you will discover that putting your name or your date of birth as a password is not a good idea. As we add uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and special characters, the computer will take longer to discover it.

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Tips for creating a strong password: use passwords longer than 12 digits with a variety of characters

To protect your account with a good password, the firm specialized in security Keeper recommends using passwords longer than 12 digits that are distinguished by a variety of characters. That is, your new password It should have uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and some special symbol, such as a hyphen or an exclamation point.. Thanks to this, hackers will have more difficulties accessing your account since you do not follow a logical pattern of action.

At the same time, the firm specialized in cybersecurity also recommends not using none of the most common passwords or words that appear in the dictionary. If you can’t think of a password, on the Internet you can find password managers that will help you obtain yours. From Google Chrome to other platforms such as 1Password or LastPass, among others.


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