Interior design experts share six cheap and easy ways you can upcycle your kitchen for £120

Most people are now looking for ways to save money around their home amid the cost of living crisis, which involves cutting costs when renovating. A kitchen is one of the most expensive rooms to revamp, with the average new kitchen costing around £10,550, according to checktrade .

Upcycling furniture has become a popular trend across the UK, with many DIY-savvy people using social media to reveal how they bring second-hand or dated items back to life whilst on a budget.

Kitchen interior experts at Tap Warehouse have now shared six cheap and easy ways that you can transform your kitchen from old to new for just £120.

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Transform kitchen cupboards for £24

According to the interior design experts, the cost of new kitchen cupboards can set you back by £3,000 on average.

However the experts recommend that upcycling your cupboards with a lick of paint can do just the job, and save you money in the process.

“Prep your kitchen cupboards by giving them a good clean and sand before painting them. You should also remove the handles and apply tape where the cabinet touches the walls to avoid spillages,” the interior designers at Tap Warehouse advise.

To do this you will need sanding paper, a screwdriver, satin or semi-gloss paint, paintbrushes and tape, and will cost around £24 on average.

Give your sink a makeover for £20

The interior experts say that one great way to makeover a second-hand sink is by painting it with a unique pattern.

“The great thing about this is if you were to do this yourself at home, you could even create your own pattern to paint, making it unique. You can also buy a wall stencil in the pattern you prefer and follow this design instead.”

According to Tap Warehouse tile paint can be bought for as little as £15 and is specifically designed for kitchens and bathrooms. It’s waterproof and washable, making it the most durable paint you can get for sinks. You will also need to buy paintbrushes which can be bought for cheap.

Turn your fridge retro for £27

The experts recommend painting your fridge to spruce it up and give it a complete new look, which can be done for just £27.

Having an old fridge in the middle of your kitchen can make kitchen decor appear dated,” the interior designer said.

“First, clean the fridge and tape any areas you don’t want to paint, sand if necessary, and then coat the fridge with a metal paint primer before painting over the primer with your choice of metal paint.”

To do this you will need to buy metal paint, metal paint primer, paintbrushes and tape.

Remove kitchen cabinet doors to create open shelving for £5

“Open kitchen shelving is an emerging trend in the kitchen space right now, with many people choosing to display their kitchen items, from neatly organized labeled jars of food to chopping boards and crockery,” say the experts at Tap Warehouse.

“A quick, easy, and budget-friendly way to achieve this look is by removing your kitchen cabinet doors to expose the inner shelving. You can keep the cabinet doors safe so that if you want to return to closed shelving you can simply reattach them .”

To do this you will just need a screwdriver to remove the doors, which costs around £5.

Spruce up an old kitchen cupboard with new door handles for around £28

Replacing your old kitchen cabinet door handles can completely transform the look and feel of your kitchen.

The interior experts recommend choosing a stand-out option like black or gold to create a statement feature.

You’ll need to purchase new door handles to do this, with approximately cost around £28 based on the price of 10 new handles, according to Tap Warehouse.

Give old chairs a new look for £13

It’s also possible to upcycle your kitchen chairs to give them a brand new look.

“If you have an open-plan kitchen, having a set of old dining chairs in the room can really ruin the aesthetic you’re trying to achieve with your DIY renovations. However, this can be easily solved with chair slipcovers which can be bought for only £3.25 online and can give the chairs a whole new look,” revealed the interior experts.

The total cost is around £13 based on the price of four chair slipcovers.

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