Inside horrific estate so rife with yobs buses don’t even stop due to attack fears

Swarcliffe Estate residents in Leeds told how a mum and her baby’s pram were covered in smashed glass after a gang of teenagers threw stones at a passing bus

Resident Keith Pettman told how vandals smash glass and rip up the nearby field at Leeds Swarcliffe estate

A threatening housing estate has become so bad that even buses have been told not to stop there.

First West Yorkshire canceled its 40 and 56 bus services in both directions at the Swarcliffe Estate in Leeds on Saturday after gangs of teenagers reportedly targeted them with rocks and stones.

Bus drivers struggled to drive through as teenagers hurled stones at them while one mum and her pram were left covered in smashed glass, according to onlookers.

Residents said the intimidating antisocial behavior is getting worse in the area where some people even avoid going out at night to stay safe.

They added that they were not surprised by the decision for buses to avoid the area.

One teenager told Leeds Live: “They throw stones and break the buses whenever they come down here. I wasn’t surprised.

Bus services were temporarily canceled at the Swarcliffe estate on Saturday



“Just the other day I saw three buses stopped at the bottom of the estate because they all had glass smashed everywhere. It had gone over a nearby mum and her pram.

“If you see a big group of people anywhere around here you turn around and go the other way.”

The girl’s nan, who did not want to be named, told how her grandson has been attacked twice.

She added: “Stones are always thrown at buses around here as there’s nothing for the kids to do.

“It’s really bad where big groups gather around the Co-op.

“We don’t really go out at night and would use a taxi if we did. It’s not nice for the drivers or the passengers.”

Residents told how they change direction if they see large groups in the area



First said that its decision to avoid Swarcliffe was to preserve the safety of both drivers and passengers.

It comes after some bus passengers tweeted that the decision would inconvenience them.

Normal services resumed on Sunday when the estate appeared to be quiet.

Resident Keith Pettman, who was walking his dog on the estate, said he did not use buses but was still aware of issues with antisocial behaviour.

“There are some youths on the estate that are a little rowdy,” he said.

“They mess about with bikes and things like all bored teenagers do but I know they get in the way of buses and people.

“There’s definitely vandals around that will smash a few things up every so often.

“The field also gets ripped up and recently a load of dustbins got set on fire.

“I’ve been here for a year now though and I feel safe, it doesn’t bother me too much.”

Another man, who wished to remain anonymous, said his daughter lives on the estate and had told him about the bus problems.

He said: “It’s quite intimidating if you head down by the Co-op.

“There’s a lot of vandalism on the estate and it’s definitely getting worse.”

Councillor Jessica Lennox of Cross Gates and Whinmoor ward, said on Facebook: “We are aware that the 40 and 56 will be diverting around Swarcliffe tonight as a result of some serious vandalism that took place earlier.

“I am glad no one was hurt. We will be seeking to hear from First what their plans are moving forward.”

The Mirror Online has contacted First Bus and Leeds City Council for comment.

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