Inside creepy abandoned orphanage where the children of sailors killed at sea lived

The sinister snaps by an urban explorer give us a last look at the abandoned former orphanage before it vanishes forever

outside orphanage
Kyle Urbex visited the crumbling building last week

Spooky new pictures taken by an urban explorer show the inside of an abandoned orphanage due to be demolished.

The building, which dates back to 1899, was used as a home for the orphaned children of sailors but it has been empty for nearly 25 years, Glasgow Live reports.

The old school, commonly known as the Balrossie Orphanage, is about 20 miles west of Glasgow.

It was paid a visit by an urban explorer who captured the crumbling ruins and creepy atmosphere in a series of snaps.

Kyle Urbex, the Leeds-based photographer and urban explorer has visited dozens of abandoned sites over the past 18 months. He said the orphanage had been on his list of him for quite a while.

Kyle said the building looked like it would soon vanish for good



The former orphanage has been empty for almost 25 years



Kyle said the old orphanage looked like it would soon be gone forever, so he was glad to be able to visit last week, while there was still something left to see.

He said: “I arrived [at Balrossie] last Saturday and when I first got there I noticed that half of the building had already been demolished. There was a big massive pile of rubble in the middle.

“I reckon the rest of it will be gone very, very soon. I can imagine it’ll be gone within the next few months, or something like that.

“That’s why I go exploring; to capture all these forgotten buildings before they’re gone forever.”

Amidst all the rubble and debris, signs of the old school’s former use were evident, despite it having closed back in 1998.

The site has repeatedly been the target for vandals, and, in 2013, the building’s fate was sealed when it was subjected to an Arson attack.

Following the resulting blaze, which was attended to by more than 20 firefighters, a building inspection was carried out and the Balrossie school was declared unsafe.

The crumbling building, which is situated 20 miles west of Glasgow, near Kilmacolm, was visited last week by an urban explorer.



Parts of the building have since been demolished, with more of the structure to follow suit.

Due to the Balrossie’s deteriorating condition, Kyle admitted his latest Scottish excursion was particularly dangerous and that he had to make extra sure certain parts were stable before proceeding.

“It was quite dangerous. Essentially it’s a construction site. The second building I went in didn’t have an upstairs, as the floor had already caved in. I tried walking up the stairway, but it was literally starting to fall apart.”

“I do take extra precautions. For example, if I’m upstairs in a building and it feels quite weak then I’ll always put something that’s heavier than myself there first just to make sure.”

Since starting up his risky hobby back in June 2020, Kyle said he has visited 455 abandoned buildings and regularly posts his photos on Instagram and Facebook .

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