Inside Cheshire’s most exclusive gym – where Ronaldo chills out in a cryo chamber

This is the stunning private health club billed ‘Cheshire’s most exclusive gym’ where footballers, boxing champs and other sports stars are among the members who exercise and relax. And it’s even got a freezing cold Cryochamber to ease sore muscles after a workout, as shown by Man United star Cristiano Ronaldo on his Instagram this week, no less.

He shared images with his 442m followers. CPASE, also known as “Clare’s Space”, in Mobberley, Cheshire, officially opened in October 2020 after a huge investment was lavished on the interiors and state-of-the-art facilities. It includes a dazzling pool where you can swim, relax and even have a glass of fizz after your workout or gym class.

Members walk through a bright and breezy entrance where the health club’s in-house restaurant, April’s Kitchen is based, before heading into the luxurious locker rooms. There you’ll find dazzling neons, quirky mirrors as well as Dyson hairdryers and straighteners as standard to help you sort your hair out after a workout.

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Club membership is £195 a month – which gets you access to the gym and swimming pool. Although, if you want the “access-all-areas” pass that gets you unlimited classes – and use of that goosebump-inducing Cryochamber that uses extremely cold temperatures to boost circulation – you’re looking at £257.25 a month.

Inside the gym space

When you join up (with a £300 joining fee) you get your own state-of-the-art watch that you can use every time you use the gym to keep track of just how intense your different workouts are. Classes at the gym also include trapeze yoga, in a dedicated yoga studio, as well as a range of Cyclo Skill Bike spin classes and high-intensity workouts.

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The gym is the brainchild of fitness entrepreneur Clare Stobart, who researched the world’s best gyms and headed to the biggest fitness conventions to ensure that her CPASE gym would be a market leader.

Clare says: “Everything here is at the highest level. Our aim is to be the best boutique health club in the UK and we believe we are Cheshire’s most exclusive gym. We keep it capped at 800 members.”

Clare Stobart is the founder of Cpase gym

Due to the range of equipment and the secluded location in the heart of the footballer-belt in Cheshire, the gym has attracted a wealth of famous faces. The Cryochamber is also popular with everyone from world champion boxers to rally drivers, who find the low-temperature therapy pod aids with recovery, as it is said to help muscles recover after high intensity workouts.

United star Ronaldo posted a pic with his son Cristiano Jr inside the distinctive Cryochamber, with its penguin and snowy murals, this week at the gym. Wearing nothing but skimpy speedos, he told his 442m followers on instagram: “Recovery time with my boy”.

Meanwhile, on the same day, his partner Georgina posted on her Instagram stories a photo inside the large upper gym floor at CPASE, next to the bank of cross trainers and treadmills. She posted the picture looking into a mirror showing her de ella pink workout clothes and trainers with star and heart emojis alongside de ella.

Also in the main gym space is a quirky step workout – where you can see just how many steps you need to walk up to do the equivalent of landmarks like Big Ben (186 steps), the Eiffel Tower (926 steps) or even to the top of Mount Everest (25,280 steps). The reward for dashing up the steps though, is that you can always use the large adult tube slide to get back down again.

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The yoga studios at CPASE

Meanwhile, the stunning pool area at CPASE wouldn’t look out of place in a five star hotel, alongside infra-red saunas and steam rooms. Members are able to sit on heated pool beds and order from a menu of smoothies or alcoholic beverages if they so wish.

They are all served up from April’s Kitchen, which is known for its popular restaurant in nearby Knutsford. The menu at the gym focuses on health foods and macro-balanced dishes.

The pool area at the Cpase Health Club

Due to the exclusive nature of the gym it is members only though – so there are no day pass or spa pass options, although members do get four guest passes that they can use during the year. Children are only allowed in the pool on a Saturday morning between 10.30 and 12, and a special brunch breakfast is served up afterwards.

In the gym itself there’s also a relaxation space, themed around race cars with a quirky table, fuel cans and even a retro petrol pump which actually serves up fresh chilled water to thirsty gym-goers. To keep you nice and cool, you can even find chilled towels inside what looks like the boot of an old car converted into a fridge.

A chillout area in the gym is all motorsport themed – with water from a retro petrol pump!

There are big plans ahead to develop the site further, which sits on a private housing area off Faulkner’s Lane near Knutsford. Plans are afoot to create a new entrance to the gym, as well as using more space to create new fitness studios.

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Clare says: “I’ve worked in the health industry for over 20 years, all my life since I was 18. I started off teaching classes in community centers and health clubs, then I went on to run an exclusive health club in Cumbria with a waiting list of about 900 members.

“I always had the idea to recreate the community feel that I had there but in Cheshire. Anything to do with health and fitness, that’s my life, and I want to share it with other people.”

Clare, 42, is passionate about health and fitness

Clare is part of the Eddie Stobart haulage family, and lives in Cheshire. She says she’s now trying to create a ‘community’ within the gym, where people will enjoy socializing as much as their workouts.

She says: “It’s more of a community. People come here because they want to be part of something.

“Members come and train together, they have drinks together, we do social events together. We are even doing pop up classes and events, wine tasting and specialist talks.

The stylish April’s Kitchen bar and restaurant inside the gym

“The great thing is we’ve been open over a year now and hardly anyone wants to leave.”

With it’s location in the heart of Cheshire’s Golden Triangle of millionaire towns and villages, members are among the region’s wealthiest people. But Clare says that at CPASE everyone gets the same five star treatment.

She says: “It’s not the sort of place people would be asking for photos, it’s all like minded people here.”

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