Inflatable dinosaur in Leicester Square looks like something very rude

People made suggestive comments about the giant lime-colored dinosaur that, at first, they assumed would attract children’s attention, but instead the inflatable drew some more rude comments.

The giant green dinosaur in Leicester Square
The giant green dinosaur in Leicester Square

A dinosaur that has appeared in the heart of London has baffled onlookers who thought it looked like something much grosser.

The large inflatable creature has arrived in Leicester Square and has already caused some consternation on social media.

People made suggestive comments about the giant lime-colored dinosaur that was supposed to attract the attention of children.

Unfortunately, it aroused some interest, but mainly among adults who considered it to bear more than a passing resemblance to male genitalia.

The construction of the inflatable drew a number of posts on Twitter, including one from @moanystark, who posted the giant creature to his account.

Alongside the image, he wrote “It’s all gone a little Phoenix Nights in Leicester Square.”

Giant phallic-looking lizard inflates in Leicester Square, London



Other funny posters responded to the post and questioned whether the creature, which has dark eyes at the end of its long green neck, was attracting the right people.

@idlewildgirl said: “Is it meant to… look like this?”

While others laughed out loud at the dinosaur and its real appearance.

The creature was ‘erected’ as part of a promo for the latest JackAss comedy film according to a user on Reddit.

The large ‘dinosaur’ is installed in preparation for the Jackass promotion


fake pictures)

@thehibachi wrote: “For those who don’t know, it’s a promo for Jackass Forever.”

One poster who responded said, “Ah! That’s why it’s phallic in shape!”

The giant green creature also had orange spikes on its back and a long tail that allowed for more pranks.

Another Reddit poster said: “There was no way this wasn’t deliberate.”

The dino attracted puzzled onlookers.


Matthew Chattle/REX/Shutterstock)

@Fancy Hawk wrote “Get that damn love off my club premises!”

The adults clearly thought the giant green specimen was aimed at them rather than the children.

And its arrival in Leicester Square sparked some hilarious reactions, as one person protected it in case strong winds blew it off in another direction.

Other couples posed for selfies with the inflatable that began to draw crowds when it was first brought onto the plaza.

Tourists were also intrigued by the giant 30-foot inflatable that also sported giant dinosaur claws that looked like they could do a bit of damage.

But it was her resemblance to a male member that amused people the most and continued to attract attention throughout the day.

Passers-by stopped and took pictures with their phones and were shocked at its size.

The inflatable dinosaur in the heart of London


Future publication via Getty Imag)

The movie Jackass Forever, which promoted the gigantic green creature, is a black comedy directed by and is the sequel to Jackass 3D that was released in 2010.

It is a compilation of stunts, jokes, and skits and begins with a parody of Godzilla where the cast members fight the monster.

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