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The Spanish Super Cup has started with a spectacular Barcelona 2-3 Real Madrid, which leaves Ancelotti’s men in the final next Sunday. Meanwhile, the debate continues around the figure of the referee and the place where the Super Cup is played.

Real Madrid go to the final of the Super Cup

Ancelotti’s men managed to defeat a combative Barcelona in extra time in the semifinals of the Spanish Super Cup. Thus, several fronts were opened regarding the game: Is it the turning point for Barça despite the defeat or is there no room for euphoria in a defeat?

Antonio Romero: “Today, Ancelotti has blown up the players and Real Madrid have a problem with the changes. They only trust Valverde, Camavinga and Rodrygo or Asensio for the changes.”

MIguel Martín Talavera: “Considering the match, I think that both teams have reasons to be proud and concerned.”

Mario Torrejón: “I understand that Ancelotti’s Real Madrid did not change the script against Inter, when nothing was being played, but today has been very disappointing. What has differentiated both teams in recent times is that, when Barça he has smelled blood, he has exploded Madrid and never the other way around. “

“Today they played what Madrid wanted and won, but the best thing is that it didn’t work out.”

Julio Pulido: “Tonight, the magic word is to compete. Now it is celebrated that Barça competes, when it is normal for them to compete. The reality is that two readings can be made: either you see the glass half empty or half full.”

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“Real Madrid cannot afford to have Hazard, Bale, Mariano and Isco disengaged. It is the players’ fault, but also Ancelotti’s fault.”

Jesús Gallego: “If Madrid were to be more successful on the cons and Benzema’s stick goes inside, Barça would have lost six”.

Jordi Martí: “The reality is that Barça, playing like this, is closer to winning.”

Sique Rodríguez: “Barça has played with 7 players aged 21 or younger and Araújo is 22. A group of teenagers, some coming out of injury. This game in a month would be another story.”

The controversy of the Super Cup continues

The Spanish Super Cup has a contract to be played in Arabia until 2030, and the decision to bring the competition to the Middle Eastern country continues to raise blisters in public opinion.

Mario Torrejón: “The difference with other sports is that the competitions that go on are private, and this is the Spanish Super Cup. It would have to be played in Spain, it would be strange if it was played in Portugal.”

Julio Pulido: “If the solution to Saudi Arabia’s problems is not to play the Super Cup there, let them bring it back for tomorrow.”

Jesús Gallego: “I am hopeful that the Spanish Super Cup will return to Spain earlier than in 10 years. And that the fans can return.”

Antón Meana: “Morally, I do not like what happened in Saudi Arabia. There are people who were surprised to see us today because they did not know I was a journalist, they were surprised to see me with the microphone. Despite this, the truth is that today people are he had a good time. “

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The controversy with the referees

The controversy continues around the figure of the referee in Spanish football, the last episode being a video of Real Madrid pointing out the failures of Munuera Montero.

Antonio Romero: “Real Madrid, as an institution, can send these videos to its members. Of course, these things are not necessary for the season they are doing.”

MIguel Martín Talavera: “The video, wherever you look at it, is regrettable.”

Jesús Gallego: “When Piqué comes out complaining, it’s the same. And thanks have been laughed at.”


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