‘I’m pregnant but worry my husband is careless, he left daughter alone to get ice cream’

A desperate mum who is pregnant with her second child is furious at her partner for taking their daughter outside in the freezing cold without a coat on, and for leaving her alone while he nipped out to get himself ice cream

A mum has shared her concerns after her baby's father took her outside without a coat and left her on her own at night
A mum has shared her concerns after her baby’s father took the tot outside without a coat and left her on her own at night

When you’re expecting a baby with a partner, you need to be able to trust them and know they will make smart decisions.

Working together as a team is important for parents, and when it goes wrong it can have disastrous effects.

One mum who is pregnant with her second child is panicking about whether the father is the right person to have chosen after several serious errors.

She took to online forum Mumsnet to explain a recent row they’d had after he took their nine-month-old daughter outside without so much as a coat on, and left her on her own to get ice cream.

The mum recalled the incidents, referring to her daughter as DD and her partner as DP.

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The mum is scared her partner is making poor choices when it comes to their children



“I came out of the bedroom to see no one was in the living room and had assumed they went for a walk or went to the shops or something,” she wrote.

“When DP gets back and pushes the pushchair in the living room, I see both of DDs coats on the table. I said ‘what coat did you put on her’ and he just looked at me like he’d been caught out and didn’t ‘t say anything.As he’s taking DD out of the buggy, I can see she’s just in her sleepsuit.

“I said, ‘you took the baby outside without a coat on?’ Bearing in mind he has a nice warm coat on himself AND a hat.Yet DD has been taken outside with just a vest and a sleepsuit?He also picked one of the lighter covers to put on her which was barely on her.

“When he gave her to me, her hands, face and neck were freezing. I’m not exaggerating, she was honestly so cold.”

The mum explained alarm bells had already been ringing.

They have a nine-month-old and she’s pregnant with their second baby


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She had recently stayed at her mother’s house because she was exhausted and needed a break. When she returned, she had a feeling she should ask if her partner had left the baby alone.

He replied that he’d popped over the road to Sainsbury’s to get some ice cream to feast on while she was asleep.

The mum was absolutely furious her baby had been left alone, especially for something so frivolous.

“It’s like he’s not a real person and doesn’t consider ANY dangers when it comes to DD,” she ranted.

“Taking her outside without a coat on in the middle of Winter, leaving her by herself to go and get ice cream. It just sounds like some sort of prank. I also had a post not long ago about him and his mum turning DDs rear Facing car seat to front face when that’s not even something that can be done.”

The desperate woman begged for help, wondering if she was being unreasonable.

Her fellow Mumsnet users flocked to show their support, with some saying the coat incident could be a forgivable one off, but leaving the baby alone was not.

“Leaving her on her own!!! I can’t even comprehend? What if she woke up and started crying/ chocking/ ANYTHING??? Bizarre behaviour,” wrote one.

“Have you tried to have a chat about this? He can’t go leaving your new baby alone at say 4 weeks because he wants ice cream.”

Another added: “I would be f***ing furious if anyone left my baby alone in a house to go get ice cream. I’d never leave my child with them again.”

A third asked: “What will it be next and are you confident that the next time won’t be the time she comes to serious harm?”

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