‘I’m not a snob but it’s bloody horrible’: Locals criticize town’s new store – but its owner doesn’t care

A new business in Ramsbottom became the talk of the town when some locals took issue with its ‘eyesore’ of a shopfront.

But the Facebook natter didn’t get to the owners of Tech Zone/Mega Store on Bolton Road.

In fact, they ended up benefiting from it.

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The issue first became apparent on the Facebook group, What’s on in Ramsbottom, when certain people took issue with the frontage of the store – which operates as a tech repair shop as well as a general store selling all sorts from DIY supplies to gift cards.

One woman, called Wendy, said: “What on earth do the new shops look like opposite Isherwoods. Very In keeping with the rest, not. What an eyesore.”

Another, called Joanne, agreed.

The shop’s front is split into two – one half focuses on the general store and the other on the phone repairs

“My thoughts exactly Wendy. It’s bloody horrible. I felt a pic of it to my friend last week saying look at this eyesore. Honestly would rather have it empty than that

“Like others I don’t mind what they are selling and yes all good that its there but the signage is awful.”

“I am not a snob but I do care about where I live and have lived all my life so no snobbery here,” she added.

Another Facebook user added it ‘looks like it fits into Cheetham Hill or Strangeways area’.

Some locals have said that they’re happy to see the shop filled

She said: “Shame they chose that signage as it doesn’t fit into the beautiful town, shops and bars Ramsbottom is proud of. Sadly, I wouldn’t think there is anything anyone can do? But it does cheapen that part of the road.”

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But store owner, Istiqlal Hanif, said what could have been a negative start to life in the town was anything but.

“We completely ignored everything that was going on. If we had got involved it would have just become another story,” he said.

“It was good for us. It was good publicity. We were going to do leaflets but there was no need because everyone was going mad on Facebook. They’ve done it for us.”

“Most of the people need the shop anyway,” he added.

And the shop did have some supporters on the Facebook page, with some people happy to see the space occupied.

Paul said: “A bit of 21st Century life in an 18th century area. Fantastic uplift to the area, let’s hope many more follow suit.”

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And Janet said: “Looks better than an empty shop surely or is Rammy to posh for this particular shop.”

“It’s about time people of Ramsbottom got their heads from up their a***s,” Sue Triplow said.

She thinks it’s a ‘good thing’ that the shop has come to town – and points out that they owners would have to ‘take all the signage down’ again when they’ve only just put it up.

“But a cheap shop in Ramsbottom and they mend phones give them a break,” she said.

Tech Zone/Mega Store on Bolton Street in Ramsbottom

Agnes felt that there was a ‘hint of snobbery’ coming from the people complaining.

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She said: “Isn’t there more than a hint of snobbery about all this? Granted they are not the most tasteful shop fronts, but at least they are real shops selling real goods that people want to buy.

“Or would we prefer yet another arty farty hairdressers/beauty salon/tanning parlor/nail bar along there?”

The support for Tech Zone/Mega Store has gone beyond social media too.

Owner Istiqlal said that some people have come into the shop telling them to ‘ignore’ the people complaining – just as they have been all along.


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