Igea rules out supporting a PP-Vox government and opens to agree with the PSOE

The Ciudadanos candidate for the Presidency of the Junta de Castilla y León, Francisco Igea, has ruled out “completely” supporting a coalition government between the PP and Vox in the event that both parties fail to reach the absolute majority necessary to govern (41 prosecutors), nor will they support an Executive led by the PP candidate, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco. He has indeed opened the door, on the other hand, to negotiate with a PP without Mañueco and also to agree with the PSOE, provided that “a programmatic agreement” is reached.

“Under no circumstances are we going to have a government with Vox (…) nor is this community going to have a dishonest president,” the Ciudadanos leader said in an interview on RNE’s Las Mañanas on Tuesday, alluding to the PP candidate. , with whom he governed in coalition until December, but who decided to dismiss all the ‘orange’ members and call early elections. “There are two certain things in the world: We all have to die and we are not going to make Mañueco president“, he insisted.

However, Igea has opened the door to reaching an agreement with the PSOE or with the PP “if he takes Mañueco out of the equation.” “If we have to agree, I’m going to do what I’ve always done. Let’s put our program on the tablesome specific government proposals and, once a programmatic agreement has been reached, talk about the division of tasks”. As he stressed, with the two parties “he is going to talk about the future of this community” and later he will decide “with whom he agrees more “.

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The Ciudadanos candidate has been “concerned” about “the disaffection” that exists among the population, in his opinion caused by the early elections, because “people have interpreted that their interests do not give a damn.” “You (referring to Mañueco) are taking our community to put it in the interest of the internal fights of his party, of Casado’s ambitions, of the fight with Ayuso… instead of having continued to govern with a government that was going well”. “That feeling of being used once again, in this case by the PP, has caused this growth of discomfort . The one who has given this growth is Mañueco”, he lamented.

All of this, he has warned, will affect the partition on February 13, for which he has asked citizens to go to the polls and cast a “useful vote”, which in his opinion is “a vote for what one really wants”. “To the irresponsibility of the President in calling elections you can’t add that of not going to vote“, he insisted. Requests for voting by mail have fallen by 40% compared to 2019, a figure that has not surprised Igea and that, as he explained, he attributes both to the weather and to the fact that there are not the necessary means to to be able to vote with the same conditions in urban and rural areas of the Community.

“We are growing in the polls”

Igea has been optimistic about the polls, despite the fact that they give it a resounding drop in seats. The one that best positions its party is the CIS, which estimates that it could maintain its own group with up to five deputies. “The scenario is good, we are growing in the polls and the CIS is going to nail the result as it did in 2019,” she defended.

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From his point of view, Citizens is an “increasingly necessary” formation. “Whoever sees national politics feels the need to have a party like us”, she pointed out, against “sectarianism and maximum frontism”. And he has recognized that in his game they have made mistakes, but that “they have paid more dearly than anyone else.” “This political space is increasingly necessary and this community, which faces being blocked in the front, it is vital that there is a party capable of agreeing with each other”, he stressed.


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