Igea resumes the campaign after a week confined and asks to end the “political front” | Elections in Castilla y León 13F

From Toledo, Madrid or Badajoz. Dozens of affiliates have supported the Ciudadanos candidate, Francisco Igea, this Saturday in the central campaign event in Valladolid, after a week confined after testing positive for covid. The candidate of Cs to the elections of February 13 has entered the dome auditorium of the Millennium, in Valladolid, supported by the president of the party, Inés Arrimadas, with the song Here come the sun, The Beatles —his favorite—. “We believe in the Spain of the embrace. That is why this political space exists and that is why we are here today. This policy has to triumph again, we cannot continue with the confrontation, the polarization and the spectacle that we are seeing every day”, Igea stressed.

In the first rows, deputies like Edmundo Bal or Sara Giménez; MEPs Luis Garicano and Soraya Rodríguez; the vice president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juan Marín, or the deputy mayor of Madrid, Begoña Villacís, have supported the candidate for the Junta. After the first intervention of the former Minister of Health, Verónica Casado —who has held the reins of the campaign while Igea has been isolated—, Arrimadas has taken the stage. “Paco returns without having left. When did the positive come out? [de covid]They said: ‘This is going to affect the campaign’. But after a week we grow in the polls and in the estimates despite the confinement”, exclaimed the president of the party.

During his speech, Arrimadas recalled the day spent this Thursday in Congress, in which his nine deputies voted in favor of the labor reform, validated by the error of the PP deputy Alberto Casero. “We are a serious party against the scoundrels and the lack of words. We feel a special pride, because that day, as always, there was a game that put good sense in the midst of embarrassment. We are outraged with the politicking, with the stab wounds”, criticized the president of Cs, who has once again extolled the role of her parliamentary group so that the Government has not “ceded to the nationalists” during the negotiations prior to the vote in the Chamber short. “We did the simplest, the most normal thing, what any Spaniard would do: think and work for Spain. It was the reform less sanchista neither podemite”, he has riveted.

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Between the flags of Spain, Castilla y León and Ciudadanos, Igea has dedicated his speech to the government action of his party during the two and a half years that the coalition with the PP of Alfonso Fernández Mañueco has lasted, which he has also attacked repeatedly for the “betrayal” that, in his opinion, involves early elections. “Politics is to change society. And there is no freedom if there is no truth in politics. This is a great opportunity for this community and for our country. See if I have recovered, that from here you can smell the desire and the fear felt by the irresponsible people who have called these elections“, stressed the Cs candidate. Arrimadas also referred to the president of the Board: “Someone who received a call from Madrid is repenting of the stab wound to Castilla y León. These elections were unnecessary, but they can be very useful. Boldness must be punished and good management must be rewarded. Are all the problems of Castilla y León now Sánchez’s? Here, before Sánchez, there were also other problems, right, Mr. Mañueco?

Igea has been the first candidate for an election to test positive for covid and participate in a confined electoral debate. “I see everything much better than at the beginning. From the debate many things have changed, in the municipalities in which we campaign, people are more excited”, says Jose Luis Javier Pérez, number two by Leon. From the party they affirm that they have transformed the initial difficulty of contagion by covid into “opportunity”. Private polls give Cs between zero and two attorneys in the Courts. The CIS, from two to five. About 500 people attended the event.

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