If Boris Johnson was booted out of office tomorrow, it wouldn’t make any difference to Ukraine – Record View

Ruth Davidson took time out from the House of Lords yesterday to stick up for Douglas Ross.

She claimed that the Scottish Conservatives leader had been left in a terrible position because of Partygate.

But the reality is that it’s a mess entirely of his own making.

Ross boldly declared in January that Prime Minister Boris Johnson should quit Downing Street.

Barely a month had passed before there was a screeching U-turn and Ross now views the PM as a grand statesman standing up for Ukraine.

Ruth Davidson has defended Douglas Ross

Let’s be clear – every major political party in Westminster and Holyrood has backed the Ukrainians, as they should.

If Johnson was booted out of Downing Street tomorrow, it wouldn’t make any difference to the on-going British support for Kyiv.

Help for Ukraine is not dependent on one man – and it’s insulting to suggest otherwise.

Ross is one of a long list of Tories who seem determined to define their careers by slavish support for a politician who will go down in history as a lawbreaker.

The Scottish Conservatives’ leader used an interview yesterday to claim that Johnson is, at heart, a truthful man.

It was a ridiculous thing to say and a gift to his political opponents.

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Davidson has at least stuck to her guns and is still calling for the PM to resign.

But she has now got a cushy job for life in the Lords, so it hardly matters what she says.

The Scottish Conservative brand has taken a battering this week.

Worse will likely follow at next month’s local elections.

Cut the red tape

A complete lack of joined-up thinking has left a family in despair and a teenage boy’s life ruined.

His mum Leslie Urquhart has been battling for seven years to get the 14-year-old help for his mental health condition but with a pediatric assessment waiting list of three to five years, things are looking desperate.

Concerned mum of Leslie Urquhart
Concerned mum of Leslie Urquhart

One GP did take a positive step and prescribed him a drug which helped curb his anger and aggression, and began to give the youngster hope.

But just when the family were beginning to see positive results, the medication was cruelly snatched away from him – sending him back to a pattern of anxiety and aggression which has been seen him barely leave the house in three years.

Medics now say the drug was wrongly prescribed and that he must wait for his pediatric consultation to get it.

It is time that health services started working together for the best outcomes of our children instead of getting caught up in an unnecessary tangle of red tape.

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