“I understand and I’m going to fix it”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has apologized this Monday before the House of Commons for the parties in Downing Street during the pandemic and has promised to “fix it”, although it has avoided talking about resignation.

Johnson’s statements before the British Parliament come after his government published a preview of the report by senior official Sue Gray on parties at the Prime Minister’s residence during the pandemic, which points to “leadership failures” and concludes that the events “should not have been allowed”.

Following his speech in the House of Commons, the Prime Minister is expected to speak with all Conservative MPs.

Johnson Says Apologizing Is “Not Enough”

The British Prime Minister began his speech asking for forgiveness and stressed that the pandemic “has been hard on everyone”. “We have asked people to make great sacrifices and I understand people’s anger. It’s not enough to ask for forgiveness“, he stressed.

“I get it and I’m going to fix it“, has promised the prime minister, who has addressed the British citizens to tell them that he knows “what the problem is”. “It is clear that it is time to check civil servant codes and the code of conduct they have, as well as ensuring that we will take into account the recommendations of Sue Gray,” he asserted.

Johnson has signaled that he accepts “Sue Gray’s findings” and has stated that the London Metropolitan Police “research must continue. “

Avoid talking about resignation

During his speech before the House of Commons, the British Prime Minister avoided talking about the possibility of resigning and has insisted on the achievements that his Government has achieved.

“We said that we were going to get Brexit done and we did. We said we would get past COVID and that is what we have done. We have been the country that has administered vaccines the fastest, we have reduced crime, we have built hospitals and we have made things that people thought were impossible to do“, he indicated.

In addition, Johnson has urged wait for the results of the police investigation about the Downing Street parties “before jumping to conclusions”, as well as “focusing on the issues that really matter to the British people”.

Scotland Yard investigation

Before the document was made public, Sue Gray’s findings prompted the London Metropolitan Police open a parallel investigation about the case.

Scotland Yard asked the senior official to make “minimal allusions” to events on which police investigations are focused. In this regard, Gray has emphasized in his report that he was “extremely limited” what i could say. “It is not possible now to provide a meaningful report that analyzes the amount of factual information that I have managed to collect,” he said.


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