‘I tried traditional treats from Lidl’s Scottish Larder Week and it made me nostalgic’ – Rachel Williams

If you’re ready to be hit with another wave of nostalgia, then you may want to get yourself down to Lidl as soon as possible.

The popular budget retailer recently brought back their Scottish Larder Week on Thursday, March 31, which features a range of traditional and unique Scots snacks.

First things first, we Scots certainly grew up with quite a few iconic snacks and drinks that often still evoke a few fond childhood memories.

From grabbing a glass bottle of sugary Irn Bru (RIP to the full sugar version) to sitting down for a proper haggis supper with your parents – ah, those were the simpler days.

And, because we love a bit of nostalgia with food, we decided to check out the budget supermarket’s range of Scottish products to see what we could find.

Lidl promises Scots a proper trip down memory lane, as they launched a range of nostalgic Scottish treats that are currently in stores while stocks last.

Heading to my local Lidl based on Hutcheon Street in Aberdeen, I picked up a range of traditional and exciting products that were sure to give me a taste of my childhood…

What did I try from Lidl’s Scottish Larder Week?

I sampled a few flavors from my childhood

As Lidl’s range of Scots treats is intended to take shoppers on a trip down memory lane, I decided to pick up flavors that I grew up with – just to see if they really were as good as I remembered.

And, I didn’t just go for traditional Scottish treats, I decided to try out a few of the supermarket’s exciting new products to see how they incorporated some of our iconic flavors into something new.

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Here were a few of the items I picked up:

  • Mrs Unis Haggis Pakora – £1.49.
  • Bell’s Sliced ​​Scotch Dumplings – 69p
  • Bell’s Spicy Macaroni Pies – 99p
  • Mrs Tilly’s Scottish Tablet Popcorn – £99p
  • Iron Brew Jelly Babies – 99p

Overall thoughts

Mrs Unis Haggis Pakora

The Mrs Unis Haggis Pakora
The Mrs Unis Haggis Pakora

First up was the iconic taste of haggis from the popular Edinburgh company Mrs Unis, because who didn’t grow up with haggis?

The traditional Scottish dish has undergone quite a few experiments over the years – such as haggis bon bons – but this was my first time trying the haggis pakoras.

I love haggis and, quite frankly, I decided that I really liked it in pakora form as well. It’s fairly hard to get the savory dish wrong and it works in every way.

I will admit, that the batter does make the haggis slightly dry, so the added chilli dip was a bonus. Aside from that, the haggis had a nice distinct taste and the filling was substantial.

Bell’s Sliced ​​Scotch Dumpling

The sliced ​​scotch dumpling
The sliced ​​scotch dumpling

When it comes to puddings, it doesn’t get more traditional than the Clootie Dumpling – which is essentially what these interesting slices were.

I’ll be first to admit that I have never actually tried the Scots pudding before. I know, I know, shame on me. However, after popping one in the oven for a few moments, I was a total convert.

As soon as I took a first bite my mouth was hit with warming spices and juicy raisins that were just bursting with flavour. I was very worried this would be dry, but I was definitely impressed.

Bell’s Spicy Macaroni Pies

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The Bell's spicy macaroni pie
The Bell’s spicy macaroni pie

The classic macaroni pie has become somewhat of a popular Scottish dish over the years, because if there is something we Scots like, it’s putting everything in a pie.

What may seem like an odd mash-up has become somewhat of a cult classic – especially thanks to Greggs.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m a massive fan of a bit of spice in macaroni cheese and I will say it once again.

Bell’s Spicy Macaroni Pies remind me of the comforting dish that my mum used to make me when I was younger and I still get that fuzzy feeling.

Add on the buttery and flaky pastry of the pie and you still have a solid Scots dish.

Mrs Tilly’s Scottish Tablet Popcorn

The Mrs Tilly's tablet popcorn
The Mrs Tilly’s tablet popcorn

There is no sweet flavor more iconic than the popular Mrs Tilly’s indulgent Scottish tablet – and now you can get it in popcorn.

The thought of proper tablet conjures up thoughts of a buttery, melt in your mouth texture and a sweetly indulgent flavour. So, of course, I was intrigued to try it as popcorn.

So, imagine, my slight disappointment when I didn’t really get the taste of tablet. Personally, it tasted a little more like caramel than my taste buds.

I am not going to knock the popcorn, as each mouthful was airy and packed with flavor – just not the flavor I was expecting.

Iron Brew Jelly Babies

It’s one of our best-loved flavours, so I knew I had to pick up this packet of Millions Iron Brew Jelly Babies.

I grew up eating Jelly Babies and Iron Bru’s distinct taste is seared into my taste buds, so it was like two nostalgic icons in one mouthful.

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And these interesting little guys certainly offer a unique twist on our beloved fizzy drink.

If you were a fan of those iconic Irn Bru bars from Barr (RIP), then you are going to have an absolute field day with these jelly babies. I was a fan of those gone-far-too-soon bars and now I think I have found a worthy replacement.

Each jelly baby literally tastes like our popular orange fizz, which I genuinely didn’t think could be possible, and it’s not too overpowering.

Solid way to end the taste, as I could have demolished the full packet.

The verdict

If you’re a huge fan of distinctive Scots flavors that we are so well-known for, then get yourself down to Lidl while their Scottish Larder Week is still in-stores.

From the classic comfort dishes such as macaroni and haggis to the sweet tastes of Irn Bru and tablet, there is a tonne of variety that will give you a taste of your childhood.

Want to revisit simpler family meal times? Pick up the haggis pakoras or anything from the Bell’s range.

Missing those days you spent with your friends out at the park all day? Grab some Iron Brew Jelly babies and maybe some tablet popcorn while you are at it.

Even with the exciting new dishes, the traditional Scottish flavors are (mostly) there, which is exactly why you want to grab these things in the first place.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to phone my mum to see if she’ll make me some homemade macaroni cheese.

Lidl’s Scottish Larder Week is currently in stores across Scotland while stocks last.

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