I tried these four Oh Polly dresses for Valentines Day and fell in love with one in particular

I had a date night coming up for Valentines Day and there wasn’t one person I didn’t ask… “what dress should I wear?”

Oh Polly are known for their silhouette hugging dresses and beautiful styles, so I had to give a handful of their dresses a try.

Every dress in my Oh Polly parcel, which they so kindly sent for me to review, was so different that I had no idea which would suit me best.

Trying different dress styles, fabrics and colors has really made me realize I need to be a little more adventurous with my clothing again- and you will see why.

The Aphrodite collection particularly has some gorgeous items which could take any of us into date night in a flash- here’s my thoughts on the four dresses from two of their Valentines worthy collections.

Here I tried the Cocktails at Eight pleated hemline corset mini dress


Stacey Dutton wearing Oh Polly

This one is described online as fun, flirty and flattering- and that’s how it felt. Depending on what type of date night you are going for, I feel like this is a go to dress to party the night away in! Me on the other hand, was going to a fancy restaurant so it didn’t fit the bill. But it’s everything an LBD (little black dress) should be- nicely fitted and silky material BUT still supportive on the bust with slinky straps.

Rating: 5/5

From the Aphrodite Collection, I then tried the Oraya Long Sleeve Ruffle Detail Mini Dress


Stacey Dutton wearing Oh Polly

I was SO surprised by this dress!

This for me was one of those dresses that completely transformed once I tried it on.

I have only just recently felt slender enough to wear a bodycon dress- so beforehand this style for me would have been my worst nightmare.

But wow I was sold- gorgeous ruched material, plenty of room (I didn’t feel like it was sprayed on) and I love the ruffle detail.

Everything about this dress not so long ago I would have avoided like the plague so I have to rate this top marks just for that alone.

Rating: 5/5

The one that I knew would be a bit much for my date but simply stunning on was the Heart’s Desire Asymmetric Corset Midi Dress in Wine


Stacey Dutton wearing Oh Polly

This one doesn’t really work on me as much as it does the model on the website.

There seems to be a little more room on the waist where it should seem a little more fitted.

Also, it felt soooo dressy- and as much as I was going to a restaurant for a nice meal, I still wanted to look a bit more sexy than this classy, ​​elegant feel.

Nevertheless it’s a stunning dress and it does feel luxurious to wear- I would size down with this one as never in my life have I had more room in a size 10 waist (Not since my early 20s anyway).

Rating: 4/5

And, last but certainly not least… the winner which I chose to wear for date night was the Pragma Lace Up Long Sleeve Mini Dress in Multi Print


Stacey Dutton wearing Oh Polly

If there has ever been a dress that has shocked me to the core it’s this one.

Again, because I have been used to more curvy days in recent years… this dress would have always been a no go.

I also would never usually chose purple OR a busy print- I mean this one couldn’t be further than my usual style- but I fell in love the minute I put it on.

It’s ruched material felt comfortable, the purple complimented my skin tone and green eyes, the bust detail felt like it really showed off my figure without being too much…. I honestly couldn’t say a bad word about it.

It felt modern, young but still very much so a classy dress even with it’s mini skirt size.

This dress is definitely true to size- it made me feel a million dollars!

Rating: 5/5


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