‘I tried M&S fish and chips Gastropub meal and it was like a ‘posh London pub’


If there’s one dish that has become an icon for British pub grub, it is a comforting plate of golden fish and chips. Add on a pint and some good company, and you have a classic dish on your hands.

It has become one of those iconic dishes that we have all tried to remake from home at some point, but – let’s face it – the best place to be is in the pub.

Or is it?

One reviewer said the retailer dish was
One reviewer said the retailer dish was “as good as any posh London pub”

Well, that’s exactly what reviews writer Tilly Alexander set out to find out when she headed out to M&S to check out their newly revamped Gastropub line. The retailer’s iconic food line promises restaurant quality dishes and, of course, fish and chips was on the menu.

As it turns out, M&S may be a good alternative for those looking to stay home instead of hitting the pub with their friends, as the reviewer compared the dish to a “posh London Pub.” Here is how Tilly got on as originally reported in MyLondon.

The supermarket dish was well worth the money
The supermarket dish was well worth the money

As instructed by the box I dialed my fan oven to 200 degrees and spread my goods evenly across the warmed tray. Even cold the chunky, consistent length and width of the chips and generously battered haddock fillets already looked appealing – but I duly shoved them in to cook for the requested 25 minutes, plus a few more since I like things extra crispy.

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Things felt more fortuitous when I was later directed to rip into the packet of ‘scraps’ and sprinkle them on. You know. Those leftover pieces of oily, bitty, battery goodness that accumulate on your plate and are secretly one of the best parts of the meal? Yeh, M&S hasn’t forgotten them.

M&S even included the golden
M&S even included the golden “scraps” that you can sprinkle over your fish

For another minute I resisted the urge to heave open the oven or lick the light film of oil recently imparted onto my fingertips. Then it was time and, wow , did this fish and chips look and smell glorious. Bathed in the rosy light of my stove-top light, everything glowed back warm, golden and splendid.

Once plated, I was impressed with how much my real-life plate resembled the photo on the box. (This is not a common occurrence in my experience of supermarket ready meals). The only item that didn’t quite live up to its 2D double was the mushy peas (sorry, ‘pea purée’ according to M&S), which were a decidedly sludgy not vibrant green – however, the zingy flavor largely made up for it.

It crossed my mind that if I were to be served this in a pub I would consider myself lucky. The more I ate of the flaky, tender white fish and crunchy, oily ale-infused batter or firm yet fluffy chips, the stronger my conviction grew this dish was as good as any fancy London pub’s. True, the matte appearance and lack of oil betrayed the chips as oven-cooked – but they were as close as you could get at home and the best replicants I’ve encountered. And good luck getting a decent fish and chips for £6 a pop in any London pub.

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Price: £10.50 or £12 as part of the Dine In for Two offer including a main, starter or dessert and side

Rating: 5/5

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