I tried Bulk Protein’s new vegan powder and bars and they didn’t make me bloat

Bulk Protein may just be the answer to all my protein prayers.

For quite some time I have focused on being happier and healthier, especially with the things I choose to put into my body, so finding a great protein powder is something I absolutely needed.

When Bulk Protein got in touch with requests to try out some of their new vegan range I was so excited (sad I know but this is the kind of thing you get excited about at 33 years of age).

To make the most of my impending order I wanted to get a meal plan together and see how I could introduce the powders into my already quite strict routine while I am training.

Because I am on the go quite a lot lately, I decided that my main source of protein should be for breakfast, and the flavors which Bulk sent me are extremely tasty.

I got to try out Bulk Vegan Protein including the flavors Strawberry, Chocolate Peanut and Banana Caramel.

Bulk Protein
Bulk Protein

Adding this protein to my porridge is a god-send.

I love a strawberry milkshake as it is, so I thought this one should be an easy win but I wasn’t so sold until I tried it in my porridge.

It’s fueling me with goodness first thing in the morning which is the main thing but admittedly, I didn’t enjoy this as a shake after a workout at all (I found it to have quite a strong artificial taste) but, add it to some oats or a morning smoothie it tastes really nice and subtle in comparison.

Rating: 3/5

Bulk Protein
Bulk Protein

Then with Banana Caramel…wow what a shake and porridge.

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This one I really enjoyed after a workout with half coconut milk and water- it’s so delicious!

What I will say about any protein powders, especially if you haven’t tried them before, is just make sure you shake well and get over that chalky finish that some of them tend to have.

With Bulk’s vegan range tasting so good and having a lot of flavor they are delicious enough to bypass the texture.

And for somebody like me who loves a McDonald’s banana milkshake (but not the calories that come with it) this is a tasty alternative.

It’s really good when you are just on the move and want something yummy to drink when on the school run, between meetings and more.

What I love about all of Bulk’s Vegan range is that the plant based protein consists of pea protein, brown rice protein, pumpkin protein, flaxseed powder and quinoa flour, to provide you with a complete protein intake.

This flavor mixed in with some chopped bananas, chai seeds, grapes for a burst of flavor and some syrup is a really nice change compared to a boring morning porridge.

Rating: 5/5

The Chocolate Peanut flavor had to be my favourite!

Bulk Protein
Bulk Protein

This one is unbelievably good for an overnight oats recipe, with plenty of chai seeds and maple syrup flavor Skinny Syrup.

I also blended this one in a shake with fresh banana, oat milk, a scoop of peanut butter and wow, it’s another great way to feel good after a workout, and fill up on all the essential nutrients we need to strengthen and recover when our muscles are being overworked at the gym.

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The flavor is so chocolatey and not too sweet, so it feels like you are absolutely getting a treat which is a bonus, especially while not feeling bloated and uncomfortable afterwards!

I then got to try some of their popular protein bars too.

Here I taste tested the Bulk Protein Birthday Cake Blondie and Brownie their Gourmet Protein Bars.

Bulk Protein Vegan Bars
Bulk Protein Vegan Bars

For me, I don’t want a protein bar to feel too heavy.

If I realize that I maybe haven’t had enough calories, I’ll eat a protein bar in a rush in the morning or it’s a great way for me to get extra protein in when I’m fueling before weight training.

These bars are handy to have if you are someone who lives a 100 mile an hour life (like me), but they have to be tasty otherwise, well what’s the point, right?

I really enjoyed the brownie and gourmet bars but the birthday cake blondie is just not for me.

It was very chalky and not very flavoursome, if anything it just tasted super-sweet and that’s just not something I would choose to fuel with.

The brownie on the other hand is really rich in flavor and you would never have been able to tear it apart from a non vegan product.

Overall verdict

I think for any vegan alternatives, Bulk is a great and affordable brand to start with for when you’re really focusing on your protein intake.

A vegan diet can be heavily fueled with the right levels of goodness, you just have to know where to look.

Bulk has given me more of a push to really make it a priority to read more labels, so that I don’t need to compromise on flavour, texture or nutrition when looking after myself.

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We need guilt free snacks to be tasty don’t we? And this is exactly what trialling the Bulk Protein Vegan range had to offer.

Flavorsome products which have now become part of my fitness journey.


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