I tried a heated hoodie from Amazon and it’s made working from home so much better


There’s nothing worse than trying to work from home and constantly feeling the cold. With the dramatic rise of energy costs ready to hit us in April, I’ve been trying to keep our heating bills down by finding other ways of staying warm while I’m in the house all day.

Avoiding putting the heating on can save money, but it can make working from home tough. Although I do cave in and turn the thermostat up fairly often, I can’t justify having it on all day long, and since our house can reach freezing temperatures, I needed to find a new way of staying warm while I work.

I found this OHS heated hoodie on Amazon, and had to admit I was intrigued. The idea of ​​something constantly keeping me warm, whilst also being comfortable and cozy was definitely very appealing. When it arrived, it was a very simple set up.

It does require a USB portable batterypack , which you can also pick up on Amazon for around £10. The portable charging pack I got also works for my phone, which was a bonus, and you simply plug the hoodie into the battery pack.

I was very keen and tried to charge the hoodie up straight away with the battery pack, and although it flashed to tell me it was charged up, it didn’t last very long before it died.

The battery pack and hoodie can take a while to charge up, but once they're ready it was lovely and warm
The battery pack and hoodie can take a while to charge up, but once they’re ready it was lovely and warm

I realized I needed to charge the battery pack itself up first, which took a few hours to reach maximum charge. Once it was charged, I just plugged the battery pack into the hoodie, which has a concealed charging point in the front pocket.

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While it’s charging there’s a red flashing light on the on/off button that flashes whilst it’s charging, then turns to blue when it’s ready to go. It took about 15 minutes for the hoodie to heat up and reach full charge which was great, and you can turn it off between uses so you don’t need to always wait this long for it to charge before wearing it.

The hoodie is really oversized so you can wear other layers under it if it's really cold
The hoodie is really oversized so you can wear other layers under it if it’s really cold

There’s three heat settings, high, medium and low, and they have a red, blue or green light to show which one you’re on. The hoodie has three heated areas across the shoulders, the stomach and chest areas, and the lining is a thick, soft fleece which makes it warm even when it’s not turned on.

You do need to keep the battery pack plugged into the hoodie and turned on at all times, otherwise as soon as you unplug it the hoodie starts to cool down. The only downside I could find is that between charging the battery pack and the hoodie up, it can take several hours until you can wear your hoodie.

But as long as you turn it off in between uses it should last a while before you have to recharge it, and you can always leave your battery pack charging up between uses so it’s ready to go whenever you need it. The hoodie did exactly what I hoped for, and kept me warm and cozy without having to turn the heating on or put on three or four layers.

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It’s really roomy too, and is designed to be ‘one size fits most’, so it was ideal for wearing over the top of other layers on a particularly freezing day.

It’s washable at 30 degrees, so if you spill something on it or it needs freshening up, you can just pop it in the washing machine – just make sure you disconnect the battery pack first. It definitely made working from home a lot easier too, and because the charging pack is portable I can wear it outside to walk the dogs etc.

This is definitely going to be something I wear all the time at home now, it keeps the cold at bay and still lets me get my work done. get yours on Amazon now for just £29.99 .

Rating: 3.5/5 – “a great product but it took too long to heat up.”


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